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48 thoughts on “Live Stream: Breaking & Broken News”

  1. LIONEL YOU NEED A NEW MIC sound loud when you are near; then sound far away when you move away or when you move your head from the mic.Kind regards Richard

  2. Builder burg is a bit like Alex nut job Jones, Lionel, Luke Rudowski, David Icke and Mark Dice meeting up in secret and all having similar opinions they claim are all independent. Lol

  3. Yeah, I got a prick ticket from a dirty cop who was training a recruit, in Oakland County Michigan, around 1977. I was passed by a speeding motorist and was issued his ticket. That was my red pill, convincing me that I was living in a failed state and that we had lost both the Revolutionary War, as well as the Second World one. Otherwise, that dirty judge presiding, as well as that dirty cop would have been genetically cleansed, before they had reached the age of which they would have had any possibility of to having done harm to anybody, if any of the aforementioned wars had been won. If any of them haven't yet gone to Hell, I hope they read this. I'll be more than happy to meet each one individually, to personally even up the score

  4. Kate Spades husband had on a RARE "the rescuers" rat mask. The rescuers is about child trafficking and the rat mask is a "Don't rat." Ask your father in the sui note indeed.

  5. Lionel – here is a double standard of yours – you go on endlessly about the Nazis but NEVER mention the Jewish Bolsheviks who killed tens of millions more innocent people in their Gulag system in the former USSR. This went on between 1917 and the late 1940's so was in the same era. So the Jewish people committed a far, far greater crime than the Nazis – yet not a peep from you or anyone else – what is going on? people can easily discover the appalling history and crimes of the Jewish Bolsheviks.

  6. Spade was a namedrop suicide. They thought you would follow the stars and Hollywood. It's a deep state refresh technique. It's like a brother of another mother tactic and sacrificial offering to the king of the world in an attempt to solicit and empower a response. They are a satanic cult. Membership in decline. Must try anything and anything to regain power.

  7. For me there ' s no ILIGAL immigrants on this planet on less they are aliens from a different planet.humanity if there's any in us who call themselves human beings should move on from this idea that people of this planet are immigrants its a political tool to couse devision. The are people of this planet. where are the aliens.and what will these immigrant haters do.

  8. Why the FUCK should we tolerate illegals in our country? If I overstayed my Visa in Mexico I would be thrown into a Mexican prison. If I crossed the border illegally into Mexico I would get at least a YEAR in Mexican prison.

  9. 22-23 vets commit suicide daily.
    Let's not forget the 300,000 TBIs [Traumatic Brain Injury] wounded.
    Blowback…"And it's 1-2-3 What are we fighting for? Don't ask me I don't give a damn. Next stop is Jerusalem…and it's 5-6-7 open up the pearly gates. Why there ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopi!, we all gonna die." Joe McDonald

  10. Think, ask yourself, why they can not hold the immigrants in jail for the things that they do. Could it be because they do not have Jurisdiction because they are not a PERSON ? It is the only reasonable conclusion which can even make any sense for what is going on. Tell you all, it is really thick what they have done to every red blooded true American.

  11. Does anyone know the difference between a Automobile and a Motor Vehicle ? Which one came first ? Has anyone ever been to a store that is called a Vehicle Parts Store ? Look into Household Goods ! then figure out what They have done to you. They deceive you to give over your personal property to the STATE. "Only", if you are in COMMERCE on the road then you are a driver and must ask we the people for permission to use our roads for profit. The Supreme Court has already answered on this and these rotten people leave it up to the people to find out for themselves. Look it up ! Look up that Devilish word PERSON and why are the words Man and Woman never used in their STATUTES ? a UN-educated mind is for the Devil's play.

  12. They talk as though we have a Law System when we clearly do not, It is a Legal System which is a chameleon and the Devil's Playground. What goes on is just sickening and all those that play on that unholy ground will reap what benefits are due in the end. There is also a difference between True and Fact, in the Inns who cares, it's all about the percentage record and fiat, what a way to get to the top just to go to the bottom in the end. To get anything done we must rescue our Law System from the Devil's grasp, other than that you may as well beat your head on that stone wall for any kind of Justice, it will hurt less !

  13. What ‘warrant’, there’s no warrant needed, all that matters is they’re here illegally and what warrant would there even be unless it’s about an actual separate crime and again that holds no bearing on their status as an illegal ‘immigrant’,, it’s all about their nationality and nothing else.

  14. Applying for a green card whilst being here illegally still means ‘he’s here illegally’ no matter what, it doesn’t mean he gets a bye until then, no matter what ‘he’s here illegally’ period, the end.

  15. females jump on the band wagon of feminest but in doing so they loose sight of thier goals.
    results are showing up in our culture after 100 years we have lost family values/goals and become self centered retarded
    morons . intitled to what? road rage is great example of what america has become.

  16. cameras on trees
    toys in the underground pipe.
    pipe prison is under building under ground with trees and restraining cords straps cut not untied and at a height of an adult.
    and filmed at night.

  17. i saw the video story about sex bdsm childeren held in a pipe and straps on trees.
    HOWEVER …IT LOOKED LIKE 9/11 BULLSHIT FAKE NEWS! the facts as shown did not match common sense. as you say"" critical thinking""

  18. asian is notNot smarter ….
    Asian however ..dose have a work/study ethic that is
    Ability to learn/ comprehend is what we are talking
    about. Generaly white have this capassity more abundently.
    you may learn a language but cant comprehend it.. so you get a degree from college and it dont mean shit.Math is perfect example in that most people do it but dont know why it works.

  19. Dark Star – what you said about people not caring about Brexit anymore is an absolute crock – we care… and we will see that we get it .. so shut up your negative crap.

  20. We need to put the left back on the defensive of rights, you do that by doing what they are doing to us , but give it back to them, start calling for left wing ideas , speech, to be censored and banned, "We should make it illegal to talk about abortion, its like premeditated murder" It should be illegal to spread communist propaganda" they will be back to defending free speech before you can say Jimmy crack corn.

  21. They are not undocumented immigrants. They are illegal aliens. Let's stop using the language of the far left. As far as the test scores and race are concerned, there are far fewer Asians and Indians than there are black people. So as far as I am concerned, blacks are not minorities. Asian people, East Indians and American Indians are much more of a minority in our country.

  22. can you possibly do a show on the border issues, allegations of abuse by ice and b patrol on women and children, and progress on the wall, and perhaps also talk about the immigration issues and cite the laws that they use as i cant seem to find the proper data for any of their allegations, i cant believe for one second that any of it is true, i have the upmost respect and expectations for our president. if you can that would be great thank you your show is awesome

  23. Cynthia TORRES is 100% spot on colorfully spewing the truth about immigration Wake UP everyone. Time for all of you bleeding hearts to house a half dozen illegals, have your TAXES increased at least 300% per illegal in your house. YOU pay their health insurance, prison and court expenses. It's your expense..not mine, not Cynthia's. Be sure to include one MS13 per bleeding heart household. Immigration as well as muslim rampant breeding is an intended population takeover of our nation.

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