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A newbie’s handbook to live streaming. This film is a substantial-stage introduction of the concepts directing live streaming. It does not deal with the exact YouTube Live option.
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32 thoughts on “Live Streaming Basic concepts”

  1. And then you guys make it sound like the source is so disconnected like you have to use satelites and etc when it may be on the laptop when you use a web cam

  2. how is this relevant to people using a plain ol laptop? This seems like corporate lingo, does skype count as live streaming? who's uplinking? my dsl server?

  3. Thanks for sharing this, hope to be approved for the Live Events feature! We host on-going education classes online and would love to use this feature to encourage real estate agents to participate in our channel during live events!

  4. "Flash Video" (rather than "Flash") is a better name for the container format for the flash based video format. Originally it was not common for this container to have H.264/AVC video streams and AAC audio streams, but over time AVC & AAC became the most common, particularly from youtube use. The MP4 container with AVC & AAC is now becoming one of the most common "video container with streams" setups.

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