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On today’s Tech, No Babel: CDN, Do-it-yourself, or Live-streaming host?

A great deal of church structures are everything about trying to do things to save profits. Right after all, why repay a live-streaming host when you can capability from Amazon, or set your live-stream immediately on Akamai?

If you have actually got individuals to do it, that’s an excellent conclusion. I attempted to identify out a few of the specifics for a set of months, myself. The trouble is that my other do the job suffered just due to the fact that I may seldom finished it in advance of. Other than if you have actually gotten concentrated IT individuals who have actually done live-streaming with a CDN or on a leased server, it can be truly difficult to obtain going.

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On top of that, there’s area for more significant issues when you bypass a live-streaming host. If you do it appropriate, a wowza put in on Amazon can be significantly less than $20 a thirty day duration. If you truly do not, it can be a set of thousand. That is a lot of choice to strike the funds with.

I can not respond the issue which you should do, however do your research prior to you make the option.

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2 thoughts on “Live streaming CDN, Do it yourself, or Live streaming Host|TNB150402”

  1. Hi Paul. Our church is currently live streaming and we're using a live streaming host (smith media group), we are currently not overlaying the song lyrics, sermon points, etc on the screen, but we want to. We are using ProPresenter 6 and have a Cannon Vixia g10 camera. We also have the black magic intensity extreme. We purchased the SDI Module for ProPresenter but I am having struggles on getting it hooked up and working. Do we need a black magic decklink card to do this? OR can we do it with the intensity extreme? If we need the decklink do we also need to purchase a video switcher? In the future we will have multiple camera's so if anything I would like to future proof our investments. Do you have any advice on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. We use YouTube live streaming for streaming and then hosting afterwards. ChurchOnlinePlatform ( allows us to embed the weekly video on a page with a chat, slides, countdown, Bible, and a playlist of our recent videos when we are not live. Thanks to this setup, we have no ads (unless we want them), immediate archiving of services on YouTube, and nearly immediate edited videos of our Sermons/Non-Copyrighted music (called 'Highlights' in YouTube streaming. The downside is I need to weekly create a the event video and copy the embed code over. Takes only a couple minutes, but I do miss just clicking 'Live' with Ustream (not the ads though).

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