In this online video we service an audience problem about recording and streaming in OBS with Linux. The issue explained was display tearing which is an issue I have actually handled in numerous films all through 30 Times of Linux Obstacle. The setups I’m sharing noted here ought to actually support stop any screen tearing and function for both similarly streaming on Twitch and neighboring recording of match or other movies.

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9 thoughts on “Live Streaming & Recording Configurations For OBS In Linux (2017): Audience Q&A”

  1. When you updated to the Vega 64 how did you update OBS to use hardware encoding. So far I can only use software encoding and it is murder on game frame rate and cpu load. I tried some manual compiling of OBS with a VAAPI plug in but that didn't give me any new options to hardware encode, just that cpu murdering software encoding.

  2. I'm using zorin 12.2 and learned that with windows capture you have to check (mesa workaround) to show your game that you're playing. Otherwise all you'll get is the game music and a black box, but not the actual screen of the game. After that you can set just about anything else you want.

  3. Hi!, I have a GT 730 in Zorin OS 12.1 Core but OBS doesn't detect my GPU. There's only (use stream coder) and x264. Is there any solution to this problem?

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