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– ~- ~ ~- ~ ~ ~- ~ ~- ~-. On today’s Tech, No Babel: Live-streaming: Solving online audio troubles.

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If your audio, especially music, sounds unfavorable on your live-stream, exactly what’s the church tech to do?

Blend with a focused blending desk, audio engineer, and in a home acoustically divided from the sanctuary. Undoubtedly, this is both similarly the finest and worst service due to the fact that you can probably get the perfect advantages, however the rate, home, and personnel needs make it a hard-market.

You can likewise integrate with a subout (or with groups, if a single group is the concern, as proposed by an individual of my youtube audiences). As extended as you have wonderful noise-isolating (not sound canceling) earphones, this can offer you excellent results for practically no loan. The audio tech may not have the more awareness to pay out on it, so it genuinely is less than outstanding, however exceptional than the 3rd alternative.

I call this the “bare bare minimum” service. Almost every church that live-streams have to at minimum have an ambient mic to consist of to the mix to communicate a few of the house noise in.

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8 thoughts on “Live-streaming: Repairing online audio troubles|Tech, No Babel”

  1. HI here is an issue we have with audio on our stream. On a pc it sounds fine (clarity) but on a cellphone it sounds low and squeeky (inaudible). Do you know what could be causing that issue and how to solve it. See example here:

    We are getting the sound directly from the main mixing board and into the a pc (via the Line-In) for streaming with Vmix.

    Note: the problem remains the same after downloading the video from the streaming server and posting it on youtube.

  2. I am the tech at my church and i having difficult with the audio during preaching ( which is not so bad, you can understand the pastor), and when the singer is using a kareoke track. Sounds horrible. I must mention that i use youtube to stream. any easy tips? our budget is low

  3. I use a hybrid approach. We use the group outs from our primary board (Male, Female, Instrument, Percussion) along with some post fader channels (Speaker/Pulpit, Ambient, and Source), and feed that into a small mixer to tweak the levels that go out to our live stream.  One thing though that you forgot to mention is audio advance/delay.  For example, without some tweaks, our video would lag our audio by about 250ms.  We use the audio delay feature in our streaming software to correct for this.

    An easy way to find your audio delay is to just get on stage with a clapperboard or a couple of books will do as well; and then using your favorite video editor, measure the offset between the video and audio.

    On most setups, this offset is pretty consistent, within a few milliseconds.

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