St. Louis advertising and marketing company, The Web Effect, offers a white boards tutorial by Pat Niday, Marketing and Profits Organizer. Pat talks about live video streaming and function marketing and advertising.

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18 thoughts on “Live Video Streaming Tutorial”

  1. Hello boxcast presenters. I have watched lots of your presentations.  I love the picture quality.  Great work.  My question is is on hardware setup and Web design setup combination.  

    I want to setup an Online TV station for my local church and want it to run like 

    I already have 2 camera's dslr. A video mixer. A server. Internet. ATEM black magic presenter. 

    But we want to go online on the Web site like the above Web site. Can you assist on this project.

    Thank you.


    [email protected]


  2. जरुरत है 100 से 200 लड़के और लड़कियों की जो मोबाइल पर बहुत समय बिताते हे उनके लिए सुनहरा मौका है पैसे कमाने का जिसमे add देख कर vedio देख कर और app install करके लाखो कमा सकते हो।play store से champcash app download करे। sign up करे। id type kare 8393497.उसके बाद आपको 8 app download करने हे और आपकी joining हो जायेगी उसके बाद आपको बताया जायेगा कैसे काम करना है।ये सब free of cost हे।

  3. Hello. I want to build a video streaming using a cctv cam. Where should i.start? Is can handle like 32 video the same time? Thanks.

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