Grasp methods to insert, file and stream Skype video clip and audio assets. You possibly can add Skype telephone calls to OBS Studio utilizing the NDI Provide plugin. NDI is a know-how that lets you embody nearly each Skype caller individually to your stay streaming software program program delivering it a lot too helps NDI. That is methods to empower NDI calling making use of Skype. ◀ 🎙 Adobe Audition Presets! 🎧 The audio presets I exploit. ◀ Discover out further about me and the way we will work with one another. 🎤


49 thoughts on “Methods to Doc and Stream Skype with OBS Studio”

  1. Great Video. The Skype guest part works but when I did a test my two guests had a doubling in their audio. Do you have a video of audio set up for Skype guests via NDI?

  2. I will be streaming a live performance with about 20 different individuals using the new Skype feature Meet Now. Do I need to enter each person individually like you did with your assistant towards the end or can I capture everybody at once?

  3. Hallo people, my friends and I have some trouble with getting NDI to work. We have already installed it and can see it in the ADD SOURCE tab. We select is and set it to the Skype call but is apears as a black screen. For testing purposes we turned off the firewalls. Does someone know how we could fix this or maybe someone who could help us?

  4. So to make it show up in OBS you allow NDI usage and then it just shows up automatically? Or do you have to name it correctly for the program to find it? I am not finding a skype source for my computer. Help

  5. Can we do something the other way around by sending OBS material live to a specific Skype chat room, so people inside the room could watch some live streaming event together?

  6. wait…. then how do i make it so i can still record a conversation on OBS while allowing the person i am communicating with to sill be able to see my video on skype

  7. You make this sound WAY easier than it is. OBS Studio hides behind its “volunteer” status when the app doesn’t function whatsoever. The Discord “help” is a joke, too, and they are not helpful for new users. They are sarcastic, on top of it. NDI won’t even show up as a source for me, no matter what I did. I followed their instructions and they insulted me over it. Example: their documentation says that if you’re running Windows 10 less than version 1909, you need to use the Integrated GPU. Ok, did that, then their log analysis flagged it as the wrong GPU. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Ok. I asked Discord, and they said, “To most people it would be logical to use a 1660TI and not the iGPU.” Yes, it would be logical IF YOUR OWN DOCUMENTATION didn’t tell me to use the iGPU, duh! Done with it and will never use or support OBS Studio. And Streamlabs is just as bad. If you want to stream, go with a real company and PAY FOR IT. You get what you pay for. Done with rant.

  8. I learnt from this video!!
    How did you remove the background from the video that shows only your head?
    Apparently Mike doesn't answer questions, so I appreciate it if someone else can tell me.

  9. Hi there, and thanks for the guide. It's great. saying this, even with all installed and seemingly working, I get no automatic 'source name' when following the directions. And with that, there is no video stream from skype in my OBS live video window. I am not sure what has happened.

  10. Hi Mike thanks for the instruction. I was able to get it up and running OBS straight away. I of course have a question. I am using a BlackMagic webpresenter as a web cam in this case and it looks like I am not able to send the web presenter output to OBS and Skype at the same time. Is this a limitation? I will be able to see my interview caller but they will not be able to see me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!

  11. great video. Can you set it up an audio triggered scene switcher? This is so you can have the person who is talking pop up larger. Kind of like google hangouts.

  12. Hi, I tried to do this with Skype over NDI, and I find that after about a minute or so, the NDI feed of the Skype caller is nearly a second behind the actual Skype window itself. If I do a window capture and a Skype NDI source at once, you can see they are very much out of sync, and the audio from Skype is off from the NDI audio (by a very small amount) and the video (by a lot).

    I see people complaining about Skype sync over NDI but I haven't found any solutions out there. Can you help?

  13. Hi, I did all of this, worked a treat thanks. However, I have my iphone headphones in but on the stream you cannot hear the person I'm skyping with, can you help?

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