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Discord Server

Welcome To My stream! 😃 *This can be a Household Nice Channel!* I’m Adam I am 21 yrs aged, I have interaction in Roblox Sometimes on this channel!

💻 how to join me? 💻
➡ Roblox Username – AdamDAuria – merely click on be part of on my profile!
➡ if VIP server. Confirm the workforce shutout or test the chat or clarify to me (:
➡Roblox Profile:

➡My Roblox Group:
➡My Roblox Merchandise:

⚠ 📣 All completely free robux given away on this on-line video as a giveaway was purchased by me and is under no circumstances concerned with Roblox or youtube on their very own ⚠ -lisobokate

💚Subscribe! 💚 –

🔔 Make completely certain you modify on the bell so you’ll get notifications! 🔔

🔑Turn out to be a Member!

🔑Member Perks! ($2 solely)
➡ Shut good friend & Observe on Roblox 😄(With out finish!)
➡Member rank on my Discord Server & Film Night & Chat to me
➡Chat bag/emotes/Determine is Inexperienced for the chat, Remarks
➡ 2x the money for every min! + Further On-line video games + Way more Prizes!
➡ Each day Reward! (Robuxs,,Cash,dare) (Ask me in Stream) (Higher Tire is extra)
➡ Shoutout in video clips!
➡Roblox Group Rank!

🔑Tips on how to Acquire your advantages & Rank for getting a Member of my discord server!

IRL Items! 👕➡

➡Lordserver (Thumbnail man or girl)

💚 Stream Advantages! 💚 (Instructions)
➡ !Cash – See how so much cash you might have!
➡!Rank – Verify your Rank + XP in stream!
➡!flipcoin (quantity) – To Playing your money so you may get far more!
➡ !bankheist (quantity) – To start out off Theft Monetary establishments for Income (Recall want-ever selection you set
in is how an amazing deal you supplying to the bankheist)
➡!DR – Discord Ranks! (Hrs) (Request the Rank in my discord server)
➡ !leaderboard – Rank Leaderboard!

🌟HALL OF FAME! 🌟(10okay money, your title will present up right here)
🌟 [ICN] FPDreas 🌟 Jonathan Liddell 🌟 Y0_ey _ 🌟SKY 🌟 RelievedSpongy
🌟MinerCoffee97 🌟Mundane 🌟Futurama2018 🌟 LordServer🌟ZivoTBG
🌟Rachael Marie 🌟Nanette Craig 🌟Oscar B 🌟TheDarkKnight 109T 🌟he younger kids/fakeadamdauria
🌟TheRealBrian12 🌟 Ricfresh Gamer 🌟Slardrei 🌟 Sir SpaceCow

🌟if you’re in Hall of Fame you get a On a regular basis Reward (Cash, or a dare)🌟

⏰ Streaming Routine ⏰
Sunday-Thursday- Saturday
No Streams – Fridays

⏰ If I stream at a numerous Time or don’t stream (Try Adam Twitter & Discord server) ⏰

📝Guidelines: (Do !Ideas for a list of Them) 📝

🎵Music! 🎧
🎧 Manufacturing Audio courtesy of Epidemic Audio:
🎧NCS Music:

❤️Social media❤️
➡web site:
➡Discord Username: AdamDAuria #0531
➡Discord Server: https://little

👾 Streamer For InceptionEsports 👾
❤️InceptionEsports Twitter:
InceptionEsports Discord:

💵 Donation backlink:
(There are not any Refunds. all Donations are closing!)

💚 Advantages For Donating 💚
( Cash! + Roblox Shut good friend Request! + Discord Rank!)



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