Pleased Ending follows the development of a group difficulty on the Pleased Ending Minecraft server. This LIVE collection is co-hosted by a selection of Minecrafters who will construct and enhance all the important things wished to colonize the surface … in difficult survival approach. Belong people for all the amusing and goofiness we can deal with when nevertheless having some thing performed.

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The topic make any distinction of this channel is for anybody! It provides an unique developed-up perspective that’s even now family members and child-friendly (although we might slip often). In other text, we’re not simply FOR grown-ups, however BY grown-ups.

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4 thoughts on “Minecraft Satisfied ENDING #65 Live Stream– A Sudden Change of Strategies”

  1. Thanks again for a very entertaining video it beats anything on TV. I thought Joe did a great job getting the techy stuff sorted for you all, and he stayed so calm. (I want him in my lifeboat). Most minecraft tech stuff is still beyond me but the great thing is the game is so vast it has room for all ages and abilities. Interesting to see Joe's world and the builds his group have made, they are brilliant and so different ( love Abee's tree/hive). Ah yes! 50 things you can do with an armour stand, mmmm 51 now. Love you guys, love minecraft.

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