MIxcloud launched a beta of the Mixloud Stay Streaming service. Allow us to get a glimpse at find out how to set it up and first viewpoints on it and the professionals and cons.


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Hyperlinks to the gear I analysis and use.


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  1. Thank you so much for this! I'm trying to figure out the best methods to stream live content, it's what I miss the most, especially at this time. IG is really not having it right now with live mixing, so I'm diving into the worlds of mixcloud, twitch, etc. So many good tips.

  2. I have been streaming on Mixcloud this past 2 weeks and I really enjoy djing for 6 or 8 straight hours without interruptions. IT IS WORTH IT! my viewer based was way higher than on facebook.
    QUESTION: "I am running Serato, Serato Video, Camera, OBS and streaming to Mixcloud, all from the same laptop and I see my CPU usage goes quite high so, Do you recommend using 2 laptops for this or have you tweaked the computers so the stream can be smooth?" thanks for replying..

  3. I’ve had a Mixcloud account for 6 years but it was of no use (really) until now. This is absolutely sensational. I don’t really get on with OBS, I find it very glitchy so opted for Ecamm ‘Live’. My only gripe is once I’ve done an hour, recorded that hour (to video) it won’t share to Mixcloud, You Tube, Facebook etc because it was too long BUT, I see other people uploading 2hr + recordings. Have I missed a setting?

  4. You can actually have a notification post on all your socials through Re-Stream. You can "activate" it to post
    on Facebook and Twitter (didn't see IG). You can type in what you want it to say on your post.

  5. Hey guys try…Mixlr…. it's has a custom build software….it has a free version. You can live stream on Mixlr and put the link on social media like Facebook for your fans to follow you and join Mixlr. It also has chat box where you can interact with your listeners and see how many people are listening.

  6. I'm using an earlier version of OBS for Yosemite. OBS is working fine–a nanosecond lag, if that. But when I got to the preview pane in Mixcloud, there's a 15-second lag. (I timed it.) And when I go to broadcast it, there's nothing–just a blue box that says "loading," or something to that effect, and nothing ever loads. The support from Mixcloud isn't the greatest–they say to be sure I have the right settings. I used OBS' auto-configuration wizard to set it all up. Anyone have any insight? Thank you!

  7. I'm currently looking for ways to live stream other than using Facebook. I'm curious how I would utilize OBS if I'm using Serato on my laptop. Would I need to switch windows on the screen while playing? Do I need a additional PC? Can someone give me some advice? Thanks!

  8. Things go around 360….DJ is important again, payed my dues buying records, tapes , cds they need to pay DJs to keep them relevant, especially the new artist who do nothing but talk about the club money cars and women, what music can they put out now, they gonna become lyrical MCs now?

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