Mopidy is an extensible audio server prepared in Python.
Mopidy plays audio from regional disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Enjoy Audio, and extra. You modify the playlist from any mobile phone, tablet, or pc using a range of MPD and site customers.
Mopidy can do the next:.
– Stream audio from the cloud.
– Serve as a tunes server.
– Sign up with through MPD ot web client.
– Hackable.

methods to establish MOPIDY:.
1) wget -q -O –|sudo apt-important boost -.
2) sudo wget -q -O/ and numerous others/apt/sources. record.d/ mopidy.checklist
3) sudo apt-get set up mopidy.
4) mopidy.
5) sudo nano ~/. config/mopidy/mopidy. conf.
6) mopidy.

methods to set up Mopidy-MusicBox-Webclient:.
1) git clone
2) cd mopidy-musicbox-webclient.
3) sudo python set put in.
4) increase to config file.
made it possible for = precise.
musicbox = fake.
websocket_host =.
websocket_port =.
on_monitor_simply click = Participate in_ALL.

methods to set up Mopidy-YouTube:.
1) apt-cache research study mopidy.
2) sudo apt-get established mopidy-youtube.

Web-sites to reffer:.
1) wide web/
2) up-to-date/set up/debian/

Tunes provided by NoCopyrightSounds (

Blazars – Polaris [NCS Release] (


Laszlo – 1 Action Missing [NCS Release] (


Valcos – A New Mild [NCS Release] (



9 thoughts on “Mopidy brand-new music streaming server on raspberry pi”

  1. Hi Bro. i followed the exact step as you but i am unable to change the proxy and http server, its always remain even after change into the mopidy config. is there anything wrong. i am using Raspberry PI3.

  2. Hello I have 2 problem (sorry if there are mistake but I'm French):
    In a first time the HTTP don't want change he just stay in
    "INFO HTTP server running at [::ffff:]:6680"
    have you a solution ?
    And in a second time when I just type "sudo apt-cache search mopidy" I don't see mopidy – youtube so obviously when I type "sudo apt-get install mopidy-youtube" he just show me "E: Unable to locate package mopidy-youtube" where can the problem from ?

  3. Hi Really Helpful tutorial, but can't get youtube search working, this error appears:
    WARNING Track is not playable: youtube:video/Zedd Alessia Cara – Stay (Lyric Video).h–P8HzYZ74
    WARNING Could not find a text/html decoder to handle media.
    WARNING GStreamer warning: gst-stream-error-quark: No decoder available for type 'text/html'. (6)

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