Absolutely the Simplest OBS Streaming Configurations data on the market to attain 1080p 60fps professional quantity high quality in your stream. I purchase a deep dive into OBS and show to you what settings you ought to be utilizing for single or twin Laptop computer streaming to attain the best high-quality doable. Important end and small finish PCs can every stream, and on this guideline I clarify to you the most effective settings to make use of for it doesn’t matter what your Private laptop setup could possibly be.

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40 thoughts on “Most interesting OBS Streaming Settings 2020 ⚙️ Arrange Data (1080p 60FPS)”

  1. my issue with obs is i can hear game audio from xbox console companion but my mic line doesn't feed, or my problem recently is my mic works but i get no game audio. what settings can prevent this from happening to where i can get both game audio and my mic line to work.

  2. Hey I have a Microphone Presonus 7 and a sony A7 camera – how could I possibly use these two together to sinc the autio with video to make my Youtube videos- I don't want to buy a separate audio since I have this already but I don't kno whow to hook it up- since the audio came with that large cable which goas into the equalizer.As for the camera I have only used it with the use of SSD cards- perhaps I will have to hook them all up to the computer? Thanks for tips.

  3. Hi Hammer. I'm using a 3-yr old mac and in my OBS my encoder is only showing "x264" and "Apple VT H264 hardware Encoder" and "Apple VT H264 software Encoder". Is this because of my computer or is there a way to get more options? Thanks!

  4. bro I Setup my browser source ready on scene and tried using the steamkit overlay to record discord but they steamkit didn't give me the URL so that I can put in browser Sources. I authorized steamkit overlay on discord but they problem reman the same. can you tell me where i might have gone wrong??

  5. This video is 100% useless for a lot of users, especially with Intel or ATI graphics. You should change the title to "Best OBS Streaming Settings For NVIDIA ONLY" This would prevent others from wasting their time when the Software Encoder is their only option.

  6. Thanks for this great video. I'm currently streaming with 2 pc and using slobs but cause going to jump into future into one pc setup i have been thinking also starting to use obs instead of slobs. This gave clear imagine what settings should use. Good work!

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