A bunch of suppliers need your cash, along with Hulu, YouTube and Sling. See which only one you actually ought to get your {dollars}.

*Correction on YouTube’s DVR: For all networks (apart from CBS), consumers are able to benefit from the DVR mannequin. For CBS, a recorded present is changed by the on-need mannequin, if obtainable.

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43 thoughts on “Most interesting streaming options for dwell Television set”

  1. You said I could check out CNET to see all of the channel line ups compared to one another, but I cannot find that on CNET's website. Please help out by providing a direct link to it.

  2. Every time I've given Sling another chance (including this month), I feel like I just wasted $$. Maybe the issues are relatively "small," but it's always something. I was a big PS Vue fan, but after using YTTV for a handful of months to really get used it, I really like it. After I get thru this month of Sling, it's back to YTTV for good.

  3. Decided to try YouTube TV for free five day trial, as soon as I hit the enter button my card alerted me that there was a $55 charge on my account call YouTube customer service and was offered a prorated monthly fee last five days instead of a full refund so I can actually utilize the free trial.. In short the free trial offer appears to be a scam.
    Β I will let you know in five days if the refund is actually applied to my account

    I wonder how much interest YouTube willl accumulate in the five days it takes to process my refund.?

  4. This video needs an update, as PS Vue recently shut down, Sling recently added some more channels, ATT TV, Hulu and YouTube TV increased their prices. Also, these aren't the best streaming services, Only the most popular. And the most expensive. Philo and Fubo are the best in my opinion. Then Stirr TV (free) for local news and stuff.

  5. I have a couple questions. I have PlayStation Vue but it's shutting down on the 31st. I'm going to switch to YouTube TV. My internet has a dynamic IP address that changes every so often which causes me location id issues with PS Vue. PS Vue commonly says i'm in a different location when I'm home.
    1) When I change to YTTV, will this continue to happen?
    2) If so, is there any way to get around this?
    3) Should I call my internet provider & purchase a static IP address that doesn't change? Would prefer not to pay extra if I don't have to.
    Thanks, great vid.

  6. I'll just continue my iptv for $25/month. It has NFL Sunday Ticket so I get to watch every Raiders game here in Alabama, every UFC ppv, and as soon as a movie comes out with a good quality copy they add it. I watched Gemini Man the other day, Angel Has Fallen, and watched Ready or Not last night. These other companies will never get another penny from me.

  7. We cut the cord in early 2017 and have subscribed to (4) OTT live tv streaming services. PS Vue, DirecTV Now (former name), Hulu Live and now YouTube TV. I believe PS Vue had the best overall channel lineup for the money but in 2018, we started having streaming issues which forced us to leave them. Finally settled on YouTube TV a few months ago and it's been the most reliable streaming service we've used. YTTV has unlimited DVR, all our local channels and is reasonably priced at $50 a month. Also, the UI is very user friendly.

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