We appeared nearly all over the place on the Net to see if this had been carried out however we couldn’t uncover absolutely anything. Within the cease we found out a workaround which we describe on this article. Way more particulars in our web site at https://click on2check out.asia/streaming-live-many-cameras/.


18 thoughts on “Multi cam streaming utilizing Switcher Studio into Zoom and different video conferencing platforms”

  1. Thanks for a great video. I would like a bit more clarity on the diagram. You mentioned you used a dongle. Can you remember what that was exactly? Was it to convert the Thunderbolt 2 output from the Blackmagic to the Mac Book usb C on the Mac book?

  2. Hi, Sir, please, could you confirm if when you enter to the Zoom Room like an invited, can you see the video without latency or drop frame? I tried with a poor laptop with a poor intel processor and poor video graphics, but my guest watched a bad quality video, with drop frames, choppy and slow.

  3. Disappointed in this solution because Zoom doesn't want to recognize the video. The Blackmagic app works (video on the Mac); Skype video works. It would have been helpful to offer some tips on setup so Zoom recognizes the video signal.

  4. Hi, Im trying something similar here.. But my Zoom Application can't see the Ultrastudio Mini as a camera.. Its installed, the skype app recongnizes, but not the Zoom.. Any tips? Thanks!

  5. First off, thank you so much for posting this! I'm nearly there. I just can't get the audio to come through. Currently I have my wireless mic plugged into the headphone jack on my ipad and it's coming through in switcher but it isn't sending through the HDMI to the computer. I'm not sure you are set up this way. How are you getting the wireless mic into the show?

  6. Hi – We are studio in Boston that is trying to livestream switcher video to zoom conference because our class sign up software (MindBody) will only integrate with Zoom using a 3rd party app called Fitgrid. The video quality on zoom + the lack of slates and camera angle isn't what we need to livestream yoga classes. We are quite happy with the switcher quality but it's creating cumbersome user experience to sign up for the class. Can we hire you to consult us on how to merge switcher with zoom like you did in this video? We think it's a much easier set up but we are new to this software and can use some help! Thanks so much in advance, trying to bring yoga to people during this uncertain time. All the best.

  7. How are you changing the input in Zoom for HDMI? I am trying to do the same thing with Sling Studio. The Sling Studio hub has an HDMI out for Program Video. I'm trying to run my program video from the Sling Studio's HDMI hub into a Mac using HDMI input on the mac itself, but in the camera settings in Zoom, it's not recognizing the HDMI, only the built in camera. 🙁

  8. In your video, you say that you have to use the iPad pro because of the USB-C port. Will it work with a lightning to HDMI adapter? Thanks for this video. Very helpful

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