On this marginally varied episode of Current and Notify, we stroll via the easy methodology of getting a number of cameras (or sources) into your laptop computer laptop for stay streaming and stay mixing in Wirecast! My particular person arrange is geared to the Mac, however you may solely need to make some compact tweaks to make it function on a Pc.

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BMD UltraStudio Mini Recorder: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/ultrastudiothunderbolt

BMD Depth Shuttle: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/goods/intensity

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50 thoughts on “Multi-Digicam Dwell Streaming Setup for Wirecast // Exhibit and Inform Ep.5”

  1. Great video, just that it didn't work for me . . as always. Nothing ever works right for the Doc. I followed as you indicated and all went well up to the BM Media Express. With only one camera plugged in via HDMI, there's no XF400 video camera visible. Thoughts?

  2. Here to Record
    Thanks for the Show and Tell…very helpful. I've been a user of Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for a couple of years and I do want share my frustration with this device. For the most part it works as advertised; however, you MUST know exactly your input and output resolution and frame rates. If your camera's output doest not match perfectly the input settings on your Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (HDMI or other ports), the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle refuses to work. I found myself searching for the right input/output sittings for hours! Given other devices on the market that can automatically recognize the input parameters and properly scale to the desired output, Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle is so unfriendly and in many cases difficult to use….in my opinion.
    I welcome your thoughts and comments.

  3. Hi,I have all the equipment needed. My computer is reading my Canon 80D but is not reading my XA40 Canon camcorder. I am using Ecamm. Could you help me please is there something in configuration o Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Nice one, thanks! Could you use more sources if you had a Thunderbolt dock, to connect say 4 or more BM mine recorders into 1 thunderbolt on the laptop? would that work?

  5. I hope you are still responding to this channel. I'm getting ready to run a project for some friends. We want to do a gameshow, and while I see how this can all be streamed, we want the output to go to projector on site so the audience can see it. Would that be possible with wire cast?

  6. So, what if you are using an Apple Tablet, instead of a Mac computer/Laptop? Also, I am just starting out. So I am on a budget of $175.00 to $350.00 being the high end.

  7. Thanks for the tips, I'm trying to figure out whats happening here, I tried to setup using UltraStudio MiniRecorded and it did not worked with Sony a7iii or Gopro7 Black. Does anyone know what I am missing?

  8. How are you switching between Blackmagic capture devices when your testing them in Media Express. I don't see the cursor doing anything so I'm guessing you're doing a keystroke?

  9. If i were using the BMD ATEM TV switcher, and i want to stream via my macbook. Do i need to use the web presenter or only 1 mini recorder via thunderbolt? The ATEM will control the switching and stream software like OBS get the multi camera feeds from the ATEM via mini recorder. Need some suggestion. Thanks.

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