this is media streaming that similiar in IPTV techbology. The laboratory workout utilizing VLC software application plan, MikroTik RouterOS and Universality Nanostation M5. 2 MikroTik related utilizing Universality Wifi, as a spinal column. we setup user interface at MTU 1524 and trigger MPLS/VPLS to supply IGMP proxy. The vpls user interface at the first router become Rendezvous Location (RP) for the multicast visitors. If there any concern, you can leave at remark.


13 thoughts on “Multicast Media Streaming with MikroTik and Universality”

  1. ok this ist
    1. Technisat TechniNet IP
    2. IMGP v3 for multicast to unicast
    3. Middleware Stalker
    4. Mikrotik
    5. Ubiquiti Sektor 20 dbi
    6. Nanostation M5
    Diten e Mire nga Republika e Kosoves

  2. I have OmniTik as AP with 10 UBNT airgrid23 as client … when multicast traffic start, PING from AP to Client is about 200-300ms. When multicast traffic stops , PING from AP to Client is 1ms. Why ???

  3. this method of delivering the videos from the servers to client, using multicast trough wireless, typically depending on the videos quality u will need about 1Mbps/channel to 5Mbps/channel, so if u need to deliver about 10 channel in HD then it will consume 50Mbps no matter how much the client viewer 🙂

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