This laboratory shows the Multicast setup in Cisco IOS Routers. There is a streaming video server to stream video in Multicast community where the buyers availability the server for live streaming. Both of those the server and client are simulated listed below dealing with the VideoLAN (VLC) media gamer. At the conclusion, Wireshark is used to verify the output of inning accordance with the laboratory goals.

Laboratory Environments.
1. Routers.
2. Multicast Streaming Server.
3. Multicast Customer.
4. GNS3.
5 VMWare Workstation10

IOU represents IOS in Unix is a simulation resources. This laboratory shows the setup of IOU in VMWare Workstation 10 and combination with GNS3. Combination of GNS3 with IOU is benefited in a sensation that you can replicate unique sort of Router and L2/L3 Swap IOS.

Laboratory Community.
1. Router.
2. Windows 7 Computer with GNS3.
3. Windows 8 Computer with IOU.
4. VMWare Workstation10

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15 thoughts on “Multicast Setup in Cisco Router with Streaming Video Server|VLC Gamer|Simple And Easy Ways”

  1. Nice!! but would add:
    on R3 under f0/0 facing Receiver ( P2), you do not need to use ip igmp join command as this command is needed only on the RECEIVER, not on multicast router; enabling ip pim under f0/0 also enable IGMP , so router can discover MULTICAST RECEIVER on the segment ( f0/0).

  2. good video but i have a problemwith my QOS i dont know why even when they have same IP and multicast configuration like in video they still cant see each other but routers do, please help

  3. i own smart tv model lh590v i tried to stream my videos from my pc to my smart tv, i did every thing right i watched every tutorial to do so but never detect when i share my videos by smart share i cant find those files in video/photo app of the smart tv i just can't find them anywhere please help
    note: they all on same wifi connection

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