Stream all the players in a multi-participant sport like a Pro with OpenBroadcaster Multiplatform on Linux. Get a appear at the teksyndicate established we utilize.

Indicate up for a Linode VM on Linode with our recommendation code to assist us out:.

Naturally, you actually do not need to utilize linode if you’re on fiber or otherwise have excellent online. DSL purchasers need not use LOL sorry.

Need to have more aid or stage by stage guidelines? Head on around to the boards at and we are visiting you there.

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29 thoughts on “Multiplayer Streaming with Open Broadcaster Multiplatform|Multi-stream”

  1. This is awesome. Thanks for putting this out there. I'm getting an error:
    "2018/03/28 16:04:25 [emerg] 18748#236: unknown directive "rtmp" in C:nginxwin/conf/nginx.conf:182"
    in my log file. Any idea how to help with this?

  2. I really want to know how they got OBS running on a vps.

    I just get: Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported. I know that, but you have a vps, how does that run OBS?

  3. Man! This is exactly what I want to do. I just have no idea what you were all talking about. Would it be possible to get a service on Linode, then use my old MacBook Air as the computer that compiles the video/game from my friend and I? Then can the MacBook Air send out that stream to our respective channels?

  4. For anyone else wanting to do this process, Linux Mint (Mate or Cinnamon wouldn't matter) would also work identically as it can use the same packages/software as Ubuntu desktop. Personally I prefer it over Ubuntu desktop if you want to do the streaming/NGINX hosting on the same VM. I'm sure there are other linux distributions that would work just fine for this as well, but for the purposes of following this tutorial word for word Mint is my go-to.

    There are some premade versions of this setup already downloadable as a VM on OBS's tools section [], the setup in this video is similar to most of them (note, I have not tried any of these but they are similar to the one I have myself).

  5. I dont have the bandwidth to run OBS locally ( Except my personal stream to the Nginx server ). So how do we get OBS running in the cloud to leverage the cloud bandwidth? This is seems like info that should have been handled in this tutorial. Myself and 2 friends want to do this for our games at 1080p but, 2 streams down to my Local OBS and one up will totally kill my bandwidth.

  6. So when I try to broadcast from one computer to, it says that the nginx server is offline and that it cant connect to the server. I know nginx is running. What can I do to start trouble shooting?

  7. i have a challenge i need to construct a 3in1 pc with the fallowing spare parts 1.amd athlon 2 x4 640 2.inno3d gt630 2gblp 3. 8gb dual-channel 1600 ballistix sport ram kit 4. 180gb intel 520 ssd 5. asus pcie 53 wireless n wifi card 6. asus M5a78l-mt/usb motherboard. and some 320gb hdd i cant remember who made it for smartphone shared space.

    i want it to handle wifi shared storage for devices and some youtube email and other clicking things maby even netflix in my friends living room. i have no idea if the hardware can be used that way and software to use together or if it can handle a netflix too but i dont want to spend a dime. i have a windows 7 key and thats the challenges.

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