The HS-1300 is an all in simply one multi-camera video production studio with live streaming and taping crafted in. It has 6 SDI and HDMI video inputs and 5 SDI and HDMI video outputs, all inside a compact hand have scenario.

It has all the similar wonderful abilities of the HS-1200, with the addition of a developed-in H.264 encoder for streaming. Because of that, the workflow is streamlined merely since it disappears time crucial to place an outside encoder to do streaming. Simply connect the HS-1300 to a network and commence streaming your application to your most favored CDN. In addition to the streaming capability, the HS-1300 can likewise record the program output to an SD create.

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6 thoughts on “New in 2018 – Datavideo HS-1300 Live Video Streaming Studio Switcher”

  1. Hey I think this product is awesome and I went to the website and I noticed that the HS-3200 could possibly better fit my needs, but it's not available yet in the US? I'm curious if there's a release date for it because I'd consider investing in the HS-3200 over the HS-1300.

  2. when i get , any date for launching, as i see it on your website, instock it is not available… seriously i need 10 units
    plz respond to my comment, can i order it now ?

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