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In this video I will advise you the best ways to utilize Nginx to stream to Jerk, Hitbox and YouTube at the exact same time on a Windows platform. If you have various channels on a platform this is a totally free method to stream to simultaneously. You will need to have an include for about 6mbps to preserve the stream and sport-participate in smooth.

1: 27 Nginx established.
4: 20 Stream Keys.
6: 20 Obs Establish.

Down load OBS Studio here ►
Acquire NGINX Server here ►
Pastebin Uncooked code here ►
hitbox format ►.
====================================================== Your stream secrets here ►.
https://www.twitch.television set/dashboard/

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26 thoughts on “nginx rtmp live streaming to Jerk, Smashcast and Youtube at the exact same time (House windows”

  1. i did everything as described but the Nginx server doesn't start and run. Your posted Nginx version says "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR100.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." I have tried installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and not go.

  2. i found an NGINX on the internet its like yours .now i have another problem i do all like you did it but when i put ip adres ore local host there is no thing only a page of the windows said WELCOME many alanguages. can u help me how to fix this please ? thank you

  3. no mesage. when i click it oprn faster as it work but i cant see runing. as i said up when i edit does not run .if i not edit .run norml.

  4. i dont understand .!!!! when i edit nginx.conf does not run nginx.exe.!!! i turned normal like was .. run perfect… does not run only when i edit conf.. what i must do ?? help me thank you ..

  5. Hey guy I followed your first video on using NGINX and OBS on windows to stream without a capture card. I have a problem I'm wondering if you've encountered this also, but sometimes the audio will Desync from the video with your method. Sometimes it happens immediately but most times it will slowly desync around the 4 hour mark. Have you encountered this error ? I heard it has to do with the audio codec with the windows version of NGINX crashing / being worse than the linux version? Any clue if thats true ?

  6. oh man this is definitely advanced. we still haven't done a live stream yet but I (Sjotyme) have a god idea what I need to do. pretty cool that you are doing tutorials cause I don't see anyone in our community do these. I watched a ton of these when I was getting started with YouTube.

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