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23 thoughts on “Nintendo E3 2018 Livestream”

  1. Nintendo does not blow out E3, everyone else tries to blow it out for them. Nintendo just treats it like a Nintendo Direct with Treehouse to follow, we will get more Nintendo Directs later and we did get Daemon x Machina, Super Mario Party, and Fire Emblem Three Houses so we got 3 brand new game announcements so this was actually really good overall.

  2. Not the best nor the worst E3 presentation. Have to say the Pokรฉmon game actually looks impressive. Pokรฉmonโ€™s old but cool. Now Smash Bros is something that I think is really cool. GameCube controller like the old days lol.

  3. Nintendo said up front the conference would focus heavily on Smash beforehand, so it's not really surprising or a disappointment lol, Sony did the same thing, said they would mostly focus on the 4 games we already know about, just show gameplay

  4. Rich can we please get a video on Net Neutrality the people who are unaware deserve to know what that is, I have come across people who don't know or care what net neutrality even is. and they dont care because they dont know how it affects them.

  5. I'mm getting the Switch just to get Super Smash Bros. It is my all time favorite fighting game and that says a lot since I liked Tekken, DBZ, Mortal Kombat, Dead Or Alive, Naruto, and Street Fighter.

  6. This e3 for Nintendo is the right move. There is reason enough to buy a switch. Really there were 2 mainstream major announcements that should compel you to buy a switch: Fortnite and Smash.
    Games like Metroid are not shown because they're still too early in development.
    What more do you want? The same announcements as last year?

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