28 thoughts on “No charge Live Television set Streaming On Your Desktop With VLC Media Gamer”

  1. trying to download a news clip from a news channel, but url snooper only detects the ads before the clip, not the url of the actual news clip. has anyone run into this before?

  2. I have a 64 bit Windows 7. I tried to install Snooper but it will not install correctly. I assume it is not compatible with a 64 bit.
    Is this right?

  3. hi, ur probly not going to answer this but id like to ask this question for someone like me looking for someone doing this…i want to put movies on my tv. now, ive got the site and vlc n winamp remote and wmp. i wana stream it to my tv thought my xbox. possible?

  4. will winPcap capture and save packets of streaming video data and save them as whatever format the video is like FLV or whatever? also is winpcap a free program and does it work well? im trying to capture certain videos from youtube and nothing has worked. I dont want to mention on here what im trying to get but im trying to grab them for conversion to psp format.

  5. Instead of a clumsy note pad with a link inside, I am sure VLC would accept the streaming address as a command argument so you could create a double click short cut to these channels. Be nice to mount them in the side bar, and if you really want to look flash you can change the icon image of the short cut to the stations logo.

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