Master the best ways to developed up/ set up the Datavideo NVS-30 for live streaming on Youtube and Facebook.

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The Datavideo NVS-30 is a video streaming encoder and recorder. It is planned to simultaneously live stream video while tape-recording significant premium motion picture details onto a USB push or SD card. In this tutorial, we will reveal you the best ways to set up the NVS-30 for live streaming on Youtube and Facebook.


5 thoughts on “NVS-30 Ways To Tutorial Standard: Live Streaming on Fb and Youtube”

  1. Can you Please explain more about DVS-200 as you mentioned it for streaming on multiple platform at the same time? DVS-200 is a device ? or Just a web platform that can stream for multiple? I would like to know the price difference between NVS-30 and DVS-200. I am planning to buy NVS-30 .

  2. I like the video but want to ask some Question
    1-How mutch bandwith need to stream HD Quality?
    2-How any body can watch this streaming in Windows Media Player and about recording how many losses in Quality

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