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Welcome to my OBS Studio Grasp Course – Probably the most in-depth and full OBS Studio tutorial system Ever Designed. This have to be a glorious 1-halt store of a helpful useful resource so that you can discover out in regards to the software program program.

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This episode will emphasis on Multi-Monitor streaming and recording. I’m going to show you how one can make the most of varied screens in OBS Studio, how one can stream embody gaming, and how one can immediately change between quite a few screens based in your cursor placement.

Computerized Scene Switcher Plugin: https://obsproject.com/discussion board/assets/automated-scene-switching.395/

Black Bars & Issue Ratios Rant: https://www.youtube.com/enjoy?v=H851a7hEjDQ

✪ OBS Studio Grasp Course 2017 PLAYLIST ✪ (all motion pictures are under, in buy): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?record=PLzo7l8HTJNK-IKzM_zDicTd2u20Ab2pAl

The coaching course is split into 46 specific individual excerpt episodes concentrating on distinctive topic areas. A full, longer research course video shall be accessible within the coming months.

This OBS Info focuses on exhibiting you the basic rules of location up and dealing with OBS Studio, superior configurations and methods, recommendations for troubleshooting and getting the best effectiveness, and a few thriller strategies to do nice issues.

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That is my “Grasp Class” for OBS Studio. I’ve used usually all of 2017 investigating, scripting, revising, capturing, and creating this coaching course, and I’m fairly completely happy of what it’s flip into. This actually needs to be an outstanding all-in-a individual reference guide with the software program package deal, with simply small updates wanted for brand new capabilities.

This technique will primarily focus on the Home windows mannequin of OBS Studio. I’ve some small components that reference variances with macOS and Linux arrange, however I am unable to now go in-depth with people variations presently.

Additionally, this film is out there in a full 4K UHD 60 frames per 2nd construction. This gives you not solely the best seen glorious, however the most effective readability for viewing textual content material and choices menus.

Edited w/ Premiere Professional CC: https://goo.gl/rJwkQjcc

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38 thoughts on “OBS Studio 136 – Multi-Test Streaming & Recording – Learn how to shortly change many shows”

  1. Hey! Im having an issue where Streamlabs just doesnt recognize my second monitor. If I try doing display capture, it only gives me the option for my first monitor, not both. Please help!! I cant find a solution to this anywhere!!

  2. I’m building a new streaming setup. I’m gonna have two monitors, my gaming one being an Alienware Monitor 4k, my obs monitor being just a regular 1080p gaming monitor. Will I be able to? Or will this mess up my alienwares picture?


  3. I'm running a triple screen setup for gaming, but I only want OBS to record the middle monitor. When I try to record this way all OBS gets is a black screen. Can anyone help me out with this?

  4. Hi eposvox!! Your tutorials are awesome!
    I just want to ask you a question that if I am teaching using drawboard on a laptop and I want to record that in obs simultaneously with webcam in other computer so that I can see what's being recorded. What I need to do

  5. I’ve been using the auto screen switcher but I can only get it to recognize 3 screen… I have 5 screens I want it to auto switch between them… which ever screen the cursor is on I want to record. I’ve done it in the past with 3 screens but not working with 5… help!

  6. Quote "Timecodes will be in the video description below for the 3 main topics here"
    The description is the length of my arm. But there's NO timecodes.
    So … good infos in here. But it's way too fast (despite the leeeeeeengthy record) and painful to follow or find what we need.

  7. Hello when i install ( Advanced Scene Switcher 1.4.0

    In tools i just find ( Automatic Scene Switcher ) i do not found ( Advanced Scene Switcher ) like what you do!

    How you can help me please?

  8. hey man to munch of bla bla and scene scene and scene just simple how recording 2 monitor in same time fuck simple no fucking scene just recording 2 monitor 1 and 2 same time shit

  9. I have a question regarding output of the OBS. Besides sending the stream out to the internet can you send other sources to external monitors at the same time? Any help is appreciated.

  10. I want start streaming rainbow six and I have a gaming laptop it’s connected to a monitor I have it set to extend in settings but sense it’s a FPS game I can’t move my mouse to to the laptop screen to switch scenes ect. Is this fixable

  11. I want to start streaming i need help it would be appreciated. Game in the middle. Here is my question how to be productive what should i put to the keft and right monitor?

  12. Can you use this setup with a stream deck to be able to switch back and forth between multiple people streaming together? Like have a live version of Let's Play Minecraft or something along those lines?

  13. I need some help if anyone could it would be appreciated. I use 3 monitors in the surround while playing the game but I only want to capture the middle monitor. I play a racing game and the side monitors are used to see around me as if youre in the car. Is it possible to play in surround and only capture the middle monitor?

  14. I'm trying to set it up to where I can move the screen being recorded from my 2nd screen when playing a game to following my mouse to my 1st screen when looking at Discord. I followed all the steps, but nothing seems to be working. :/

  15. Thanks for covering this topic. I am trying to figure out how to best deal with application window sources on a retina monitor being different resolutions from apps on normal 1080p monitor resolutions. Any thoughts on how to have OBS rescale the retina app to the same size as the non-retina app window source? Thanks!

  16. Hi!

    Thanks for the course and congrats for it. Do you know if it's possible to output to 2 different screens (not related to output)?? In example, I wanna output a main scene in first screen and main scene+overlay in other screen. I don't know if it's needed to open OBS twice or there is another option. Thanks!

  17. For some really strange reason, when i go to add my second monitor, it doesn't show up in OBS. I've tried creating a new scene and then adding the capture, but only display 0 shows up :/

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