This tutorial shows you ways to utilize RTMP procedure to send out video/audio to your stream Pc or note pad from your video gaming Computer.

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46 thoughts on “OBS Studio Tutorial: 2 Computer Streaming Without the requirement of a Seize Card”

  1. Man I came to tell you , thanks so much, my streamings looks like bluray now, for not to say 4k. You are the best man. People like you do care about the streaming keep going . And how you explain it, damn!, way much better than a teacher. Once and again, thank you man. I feel like i`m debt with you.

  2. POSSIBLE FIX TO ISSUE: Found a fix to the issues when this doesnt work. in the video he says to put the IP of your streaming pc in OBS. Not your gaming Rig.

    So open CMD on your streaming PC and get the IP from ipconfig / all and then put that IP into OBS on your gaming rig. Works for me now.

    I was putting my Gaming RIG IP in OBS but realized its the streaming PC IP that has to be in OBS

  3. This seems to be missing details as well as taking the painful way to setup this type dual system streaming. Most user cases can and probably should use NDI a lot less overhead involved a lot less resources used more power for encoding.

  4. Thanks for this video.

    If someone still getting "failed connection" then try:
    Join a HomeGroup on your primary internet connection in order to allow a connection from the streaming pc to the gaming PC!
    I had same issue until i created a homegroup. now everything works well.
    I did also allowed OBS in firewall, you need to add manually.
    Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsWindows Defender Firewall< click on Allow an app or feature…< click on Change settings < click on Allow another app < browser < C:Program Files (x86)obs-studiobin64bit (if have have installed obs on C drive)
    Make sure you allowing on private and public.


  5. All this does is render the stream on your GPU instead of the CPU with an extremely unnecessary amount of steps. Streaming it to another PC just, wait for it, raises the power bill for no reason

  6. Hi, thank you for your help; was searching for streaming to PC and this came up bravo! I'd like to ask if you got the config or did you go in and make the correct changes because I'm very interested in all that was added from the basic vanilla nginx config.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial, one problem though, when test running the stream, it shows up on the stream rig in VLC, however, it'll play smooth for about 5 seconds then become choppy or the audio plays fine and the video stutters. I've set my gaming rigs OBS settings to:

    Encoder @ x264 (no other option for me, AMD system)
    Rescale @ 1280×720
    Bitrate @ 2500 (tried 50000, got the same results)
    Keyframe interval @ 0
    CPU preset @ faster
    Profile @ Main
    The capture resolution itself is 1920×1080.

    Now I know BOTH rigs are fully capable of streaming, because the stream rig used to be my main rig, Gaming Rig has an AMD FX8350 cpu, RX480 gpu, 32GB [email protected] 1833(iirc), Streaming Rig has FX8150, 7950 gpu, 16GB DDR3 @ 1833). They're both wired to the internet via a switch they both connect to, which in turn connects to the walljack. They also, however, have a crossover cable connecting them together (I tried setting a dual rig stream before and never finished).

    Any advice/suggestions?

  8. i am getting on my gaming pc OBS "Failed to connect to server" . Any ideas? everything is triple checked and i went through all the comments below to make sure i didnt miss anything. VLC says "VLC is unable to open MRL 'rtmp//********'. Check log for details.

    gaming and streaming pc both connected via Nighthawk router.

  9. The only benefit I see is that if your gaming pc crashes, your other pc will be up still. Also you would be able to add more cams ect without lagging your gaming pc. You still are putting heaps of stress on cpu ect transcoding the shit so I dunno seems pointless imo

  10. Can Someone Plz Help Me whenever i use elgato to stream with 2 pcs if i stream the viewers can see and hear it no probablem but if i want to hear it i cant can someone please tell me why I really Want to buy A New Pc But No Point If I Cant Get It To Work i tried with friends pc and didnt work

  11. when I start my stream on VLC. OBS sends me a message saying connection time out and VLC sends me a message that says VLC is unable to open the MRL. I double checked twice that my URL and my streamkey are the same and it still does not work. Anyone know how to fix this?

  12. Upvote if this helped you:

    An important detail that some of us have missed: VLC will automatically capitalize the first letter of your stream key! For example you set OBS to stream to rtmp:// BUT if you copy paste it to VLC on the streaming PC it will autotically change it to rtmp:// !!! That key detail will stop it from working. To fix this, capitalize the first letter on the stream key on the OBS side

  13. Wait… Which PC has to be connected VIA Ethernet to the Router? The Gaming PC or the Stream Rig? I can't connect my gaming rig via ethernet but I can get my Stream PC connected to it if I really needed to.

  14. I can not get this to work for the life of me – my only issue really is that media source using a 1440p monitor on my gaming rig and a 1080 for my streaming rig will give me black borders that I can not get rid of. Using Game capture and VLC gives me no audio except Desktop Audio of the Streaming rig which is also pointless

  15. Hey WDA, I have a gaming rig with an i5 7600k and an rx 480 in it. I've been attempting to record some overwatch gameplay and the recording itself is okay at best but when i try to stream I get pretty large ping spikes. I was wondering if this was due to my upload speed (only 3 mbps on ethernet) or more of a hardware limitation (i'm broke, so hopefully not). Also, i was planning on attempting this streaming on a pretty old laptop (Dual core), do you think it would work better than me just trying to tweak my twitch settings and streaming all on one pc?

  16. Great video. One issue I am having is that I get a "Failed to connect to server" error on my stream rig when I click the "Start Streaming" button in OBS Studio. I verified the IP and it's set to: and the output is set to: rtmp:// and I have the stream key set.

  17. you kinda missed the part where 2.:16 starts on your streaming PC, I did all that stuff on my gaming PC and later in the video yuo said that part was on the streaming PC. xD

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