Demonstration for video live streaming in 60 seconds dealing with CenterServ Hd Streaming Servers with Open Broadcasting Computer system software application.
To start streaming with our server go to CenterServ at


One thought on “ON AIR In 60 Seconds – CenterServ Hd Streaming Server With Open Broadcaster”

    1- Download The Open Broadcaster Software from and Install it.
    2- If you are planning to stream video playlist download the Video Playlist Plugin from and follow the instruction.
    3- Once you have installed both the software and the plugin start obs.exe
    4- Download our OBS Profile from and unzip on your Desktop
    5- On your OBS software go to Profile / Import and select the .ini (To verify if the .ini is correctly import go to setting / Broadcast setting. You should see our server Rtmp URL rtmp:// ).
    6- To stream from a capturing device, simply right click on the white area under sources and select your device (Take note that some devices such has webcam might appear under the dropdown element “Global Source”.
    7- To stream from video stored on your computer or a web server, simply right click on the white area under sources and select video (You will be able to create a simply playlist from URL or Path” ( For more advanced videoplaylist manager we suggest to use Wirecast ).
    8- Click on Start streaming
    9- View your streaming with the Videojs player

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