This is our look at a single web cam streaming setup that is truly inexpensive, and will let you get begun with streaming!

Obtain on amazon (affiliate incoming links):.
GoPro HERO5 –
UltraStudio Mini Recorder –
Thunderbolt Cable Television –
Apple Earpods –

– Computer system Various-.
Magewell USB Capture –

Understand even more: up

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41 thoughts on “One Cam Live Streaming Setup// Show and Notify Ep.24”

  1. ok so you need to have the mini recorder or else it wont work? Also, if you need a mini recorder, are there other cheaper options? Lastly, what is the max quality you can get with the gopro hero 6

  2. Cant seem to get it working. I have a GoPro Hero 6 and all the required components but for some reason the video is not showing up. My system recognizes the Black Magic Device but not the GoPro.

  3. Hello,

    Are the certain cameras that can not be used to live stream? I have read that certain cameras do not put out an HDMi output in the right settings to be used? We are looking to live stream sports games with a single camera stream and having problems with certain cameras e.g. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 (FZ82). We are using the set up you have shown in this video.

    Any thoughts/insight would be appreciated.

  4. Like every one else said, this is the best tutorial explaining how to do this on YouTube, however, you didn't explain how to watch the live chat so that you can comment/answer questions in the live stream. You mentioned not to watch the live stream while broadcasting so that you don't have any interference, but how can we monitor comments?

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