16 thoughts on “Online video Streaming from Computer system to Television utilizing Homestream and Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray Disc Gamer”

  1. Hi, how do you stream a ripped Bluray to your Bluray Player?  I have a ripped bluray folder with Blu-ray structure.
    Homecenter/Servioo it only shows m2ts file instead index.bdmv or playlists (mpls)

    Are you able to play subtitles by playing only m2ts file?

  2. Awesome, but it won't play all of my movies.  If it is in 1080p or 1080i and is bigger than 1.5 gigs then it won't play.  Do you have any solutions.  I have a asus N dual band wireless router.

  3. wtf are you streaming mp4 video files while you could stream mkv video files with subtitles in it.
    firstoff i think you have a 802.11n modem right? so login on the modem and start using you 5Ghz band instead of the regular 2,4Ghz band. The 5Ghz band is wider and allow you to stream more data over the network. Mkv movies are up to 25mb/s but that the top usually they are around 15mb/s. hopefully your tv supports all the codes that a mkv movie could contain, (to be continued)

  4. Thanks! I've had a Sony Streaming Player for about a year and now I just discover Homestream (thanks to you). All this time I've been transferring files back and forth via USB.

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