This difficulty shows the best ways to stream video to a net web browser from a web cam associated to Intel Edison, all though run by a 9V battery. A Node.js server on Edison listens for the inbound motion picture stream and broadcasts it to all associated web browsers by methods of WebSockets. On the customer-side, the video is then translated using jsmpeg and rendered on to an HTML canvas aspect.

Using a totally billed rechargeable 9V battery (175 mAh), Edison can stream constantly for about 40 minutes right prior to facing electrical power concerns.

See this video for a display take from an internet browser page: at?v=nrwLyjYovw4

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29 thoughts on “Online video streaming on Intel Edison”

  1. Esther! Where were you when I was looking for a wife? Nah, only kidding, well, half kidding. I'm a Hardware Engineer who is trying to get to grips with the 'new' and ever changing world of software and networking; your projects are concise and easy to comprehend. I have just spent a week looking at, only to find out less and less new work with it is being done in favor of Websockets. Do you think that the Nodejs and Websockets combination will stand the test of time?

  2. hi kim u are awesome….thanks for this cool video, i am a beginner need to work on edison, just need to ask that what can be the best camera to use as i want to do real time image processing using edison, what can be the best possible way to connect the high resolution camera or u may also suggest ,which camera i should use to do image processing and also that is small enough to work with….it would be nice if i may contact u thanks

  3. Hello Kim,

    I am really interested in your project. Could you tell me if Intel Edison is powerful enough to move OpenCV too? I would like to do something similar to your project but using openCV too and I am worried about the power of the device.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

  4. hey…. Esther Kim ,
    i appreciate your work. I am also following your tutorial for the same.
    after installing all packages, when i connect to server.
    I am getting an error as GET /favicon.ico 304 45.175 ms – –
    Can you just help me with this.?

  5. Hi Esther,
    This works great! Thanks so much for sharing and providing a detailed explanation of how to get it up and running. I had been trying to get streaming video going months ago, and thanks to you it is now running.

  6. Very Nice video thank you Esther. I have a problem that I can't resolve my edison doesn't want to connect wirelessly. I'm using the mini breakout, when I connect the two micro USB the wifi is working but when I disconnect the 2 usbs and connect the eidison to 9v battery as you did. when I open with my hostname using ssh in putty this error occurred "Network ERROR; CONNECTION TIME OUT"

  7. Hey have just bought the intel edison…
    I want to use it as camera + I want to run 2 motors which should b controlled by my Android phone!!!..can u help me with the coding…n which pins should I connect the motor n al?

  8. Nice video.  Are you using Yocto or Ubilinux for all your work with the Edison with Node?  I prefer a Debian Wheezy release but have had lots of pain getting mraa working with Ubilinux….

  9. Unfortunately, I haven't tested how long the battery lasts when streaming continuously (been meaning to). As soon as I get a chance, I'll update with that info!

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