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‘OBS MultiPlatform is a end rewrite of the preliminary OBS from the ground up, with the principle goals of sophistication getting multiplatform help, a extra full attribute set, and a an amazing deal further potent API. A really early and uncomplicated launch is in the mean time on the market for Mac. OBS MultiPlatform will sooner or later steering fairly a couple of of the state-of-the-art requested for traits not current within the first OBS, these sorts of as quite a few stream outputs and scene previewing. It doesn’t have these features on this launch.’


14 thoughts on “Open Broadcaster Software program for Linux: Open useful resource stay streaming and recording – App Choose”

  1. Thanks Chris, that's wonderful! . I've been scratching my head trying to get members of my talent website to stream their own live video to be viewed on my website. Do you know of any workable solutions?

  2. So I finally tested it out today (I know late to the game) and I'm not as happy with it as you, because when I record my desktop or games with it, I get a bit of lag in the video (not while recording, just afterwards when I check out the video), while when I record with SimpleScreenRecorder there is no lag (desktop nor native linux games).

    Now the good thing about OBS is, that you can record PlayOnLinux games easier than using SSR, but again there is that video lag.

    I really hope this gets fixed soon, since the tool is amazing, but for now I won't be using it, also it's understandable since it's still in alpha.

  3. Nice video, maybe from time to time you can update us on different F/LOSS projects. Well at least the ones that interest you or the ones that serve a long needed function on Linux… I think I'll pop over to look at your first go at Open Broadcaster Software.

  4. Mac isn't even a gaming platform, so it's not saying much if it's overtaking the Mac.

    Also, GoG probably has a bit of a leg up considering that many of it's games are emulated through Dosbox and the like.

    This sounds like a good peace of software. I'll have to give it a try if I ever deicide to stream something.

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