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  1. Hello…. i' am having a task where i have to .. 1. simulate the so called hidden node, showing how collision occurs and its network performance graph 2. simulate by optimizing the CSMA/CA (RTS/CTS) handshaking rule as a means for handling the hidden node and its graph. Please if you're familiar with these scenarios i' am asking for your help. this is my email address:[email protected]

  2. Hi OlawaleΒ  my name is Ekundayo ,my question is can you explain all this in Yoruba as I have seen on most videos here , people speaking or using their native language as I struggle with the English thank you.

  3. Thanks for the Video Olawale. Does anyone have any tutorial or video on ZigBee Voice Simulation? Anything about ZigBee simulation can give me a good start. Thanks in advance.

  4. Β 
    Hi bro, First of all thanks a lot for uploading the video… I am a newbie and want to simulate video network on WSN. Do I follow the steps you took? Please advice on this.

  5. I am Adebayo. Thanks so much for this very useful video and for taking your time to help out here. Pls, I am also working on related topic for my thesis. Can you please send me your mail through [email protected] I want us to discuss more on this if you don't mind bro. thanks in anticipation

  6. HI mr RAIMI fist thanks for u for this video secondly i need your help bro fist i need OPNET 14.5 modeler software and i still for help regarding evaluation performance of MANET routing protocols …..i really need ur asnwer its urgent and am doing in my thesis this is my email [email protected] …thnk u anywy

  7. Wale,thanks for this video.It gave me the right start.Am doing my dissertation on video conferencing but in a fix on my profile definition.pls send me your email so that I can communicate with you on how to go about it.my email address is [email protected]

  8. Hi bro, First of all thanks a lot for uploading the video…
    I am a newbie and want to simulate video network on WSN.

    I am getting the same compilation error as yours.
    Kindly tell me how to resolve

  9. Hi there, I need some help with OPNET, doing a simulation on an IPTV scenario with QoS and without and using unicast vs multicast maybe you could help me !? contact me on pedromrg (at) gmail . com thanks

  10. Hi Mr.Raimi,i try to simulate the samples in network examples as in the tutorial but it gives me the same errors as in the video tutorial,why does this happen?

  11. Hi Olawale Raimi, how can I provide video streaming from one node (video server) to many nodes (clients), i try to set in destination preferences (on server) more than one nodes, but video server sent data only to one client node. Can you help my solved this problem? Thank you

  12. Hi Mr. Raimi, I want to know if you have already changed some machine layer architecture that are placed in the "Node Model".
    So now, I work with the OPNET 14.5 version and I want to change the definition of some "Streams" specially those between the RLC_MAC and the antennas in the UMTS Model, and I don't know if I must to change the programming code or just searching a parameter in the Node Model Toolbar that refer to this thing. Thanks Mr Raimi. Best Regards.

  13. Hi Olawale… thank you for video.. I just have a small note…as I read in books for OPNET if you need to set a node as a server you have to enable (Application supported services) only.. in the client you need to set the profile and destination… I focused on this point many time and thats what I ve understand… please correct to me if Iam wrong…

  14. Hi bro I am Abdulnasir the tutorial is very informative and my project is similar to it but please where can i purchase the software and how much does it cost. Please if you would not mind, i would like to have your skype id or you facebook name. Thank u.

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