18 thoughts on “OV7670 ESP32 online video streaming”

  1. After searching a lot finally got it , its a nice project , but actually I need a guide for the project with ov7670 +arduino mega + esp8266+blynk app.
    waiting for a favorable response from your side .

  2. Hi. May I ask you something? I want to connect ESP32 and OV7670 like video you uploaded and send data directly to 'UDP' packet. It's exactly the same as your video. Here is the question. I checked ESP32 using 'UDP' packet to send and receive data normally confirmed by computer. but if i sended 1 frame, 320 * 240 * 2 bytes, the computer only receive 1000 pieces of garbage same data like 0x00. I do not understand, but is this related to broadcast? The second, (it's not a big problem, but I'm just curious). I went into github in the comment below and opened the code. "const int SIOD = SDA;" I've looked at the SDA Where are connected. I have not found SDA pin number in any header files. Can I find out?

  3. Nice project and results. I've also got the project working based on the bitluni's lab code. I have some questions if you have some time to consider them.
    1) Are you using only the QQVGA_RGB565 (160 x 120) and QQQVGA_RGB565 (80 x 60) modes?
    2) Have you attempted to modify the code to add more modes that work with larger sizes, like QVGA (320 x 240)?
    I've been attempting to implement larger sizes but have failed so far. In bitluni's video, he mentioned the 4k DMA buffer limit as being the driving factor, but I'm not understanding this as even a single row at QVGA sizes (320 pixels x 2bytes/pixel = 640 bytes) is much smaller than 4k.

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