On this video I’m going by the Community Menu on the Panasonic AG-CX350 and setup the digital camera for a LAN connection, a Wi-Fi connection and a Fb Dwell Stream over the community.

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Andy Nicholls from APNTV and Matt Grover Director/Digital camera Operator take the brand new CX350 digital camera out for an trustworthy and unbiased take a look at evaluate.

Index of content material.
2:30 Within the field https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=150
2:54 Outside take a look at https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=174
3:32 Viewfinder and Display https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=212
5:14 Zoom vary and O.I.S. https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=314
12:13 H.265 (HEVC) https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=733
17:41 Low Gentle testing https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1061
18:30 Large Lens https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1110
20:40 Low Gentle https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1240
24:35 H.265 (HEVC) https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1478
25:00 Zoom https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1504
26:17 Macro https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1577
26:36 Scene Recordsdata https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1596
28:28 No DCI 4K and VLOG https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1708
29:17 Micro P2 https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1757
29:50 Dealing with https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=1792
33:55 LANC https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2035
35:30 Consumer Buttons https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2129
37:16 Contact display screen https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2236
38:15 Focus Help https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2295
40:33 Degree Gauge https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2433
41:47 No Twin Codec https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2507
42:39 Autofocus https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2559
45:52 O.I.S. https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2752
49:00 VRL Slo Movement https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=2941
53:40 Pre Report https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=3216
55:00 IR Mode https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=3301
55:15 Networking and Streaming https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=3317
58:00 NDI https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=3482
1:00:10 Execs https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=3610
1:06:40 Cons https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=4006
1:13:10 Remaining ideas https://youtu.be/v-MCq3tiF_c?t=4391

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21 thoughts on “Panasonic AG CX350 Community and Streaming Settings, establishing a stream to Fb Dwell”

  1. wow so many steps but i sure the quality will be super super good huhuhu with thy mad a camcorder super good quality with out so many step like plug and play i do not like webcams the quality is not as good as a camcorder or a camera DSLRs and mirrorless cameras if only i had a photographic memory to learn all this fast

  2. Very interesting walkthrough of the CX350. But there’s still one question I would like to have answered:
    Is it possible to set up the camera to stream the video image directly to an iPad or iPhone via WiFi or Bluetooth without having to use Youtube or Facebook?

  3. Have you had any luck getting the camera to connect to your IPAD? I purchased [ AJ-WM50P] wifi dongle this weekend and finale had a few hours to sit down and shoot some video. it will not connect. Your video so helpful for live streaming with a LAN.

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