That is the cool SunFounder PiCar-V, a clever video automobile or truck bundle for Raspberry Pi. It arrives with easier wiring, a wider-angle digicam, and large neat visible attraction with a true-auto-simulated wheel-turning building. With code created in Python, you’ll find out programming when participating in with this robotic equipment additionally it helps utility and world-wide-web browser administration, straightforward to be used.
This video demonstrates you its options and the way it positively runs on the ground. Superb robotic motorized vehicle for Raspberry Pi it certainly is! Get 1 from our web-site: video-motor vehicle-package-v2-.html
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Code on Github:

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14 thoughts on “PiCar-V Video clip Streaming Automobile for Raspberry Pi (distant command utility/web browser and Python code)”

  1. Hello, I have sent an e-mail already to support address but no one answers. I will try from here and if I see that I don't get response. I wanna let everyone know that the person who will buy this product will be all alone while working on it. I have still 3 weeks to send it back by Amazon. I really need help or this product is useless for me which I've paid 90 pounds. I have purchased the SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi product.

    So my question is firstly how do I know which pins are used on Raspberry Pi GPIO. Where can I find the Robot hats pinout how am I supposed to wire any kind of component to this damn car without knowing that ?

    Also the camera was included but it is useless and I wanna use the pi camera that I have already. How in the world I can swap the usb camera with picamera ? I have tried different things and I have even tried to change the code but I keep getting the same error which I was taking with normal camera as well. The error mentioned is shared below.

    File "/usr/local/Cellar/python/3.7.4/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/", line 716, in create_connection
    ConnectionRefusedError: [Errno 61] Connection refused
    Abort trap: 6
    I request a response as soon as possible and I will share this comment on each and every video so people can see what kind of problems they are gonna face when they purchase this product. It can also be helpful for people who are seeking the answers for these questions.

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