Heeeey, brand-new video?!

Anyhow, I developed this video to make it possible for out with positioning up Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) for usage with YouTube’s brand-new Live Streaming function. Keep in intelligence that since this upload, I do NOT have entry to the quality myself. I have useful experience using FMLE on UStream, and the established is rather associated.

My main intention for producing this is due to the fact that a particular individual who has the function (who I will not determine, unless naturally he wishes to be recognized) are not able to want to figure it out, and would appear to feel that the help tutorial was developed specifically for Mac individuals. This is not the case, and the tutorial is universal, irrespective of running treatment or web internet browser. I’m producing this video neighborhood in scenario anyone else faces the very same problem.

Observe: This video does not discuss the real encoding options. You need to utilize some demonstration and error to obtain very first rate quality mostly based off of your online link.

The assistance report in issue is right here:.
http://www.google.com/guidance/youtube/bin/respond to.py?hl=en&respond to=1204420


2 thoughts on “Place Up FMLE For YouTube Live Streaming”

  1. Sorry but you completely skipped over how you arrived at what you have shown starting at 0:33.

    There is no such option anywhere in youtube itself that has Download MFLE profile it always seems to be a very mysterious non-existant option that people say to download or exists and yet there isn't a single person that explains where they went in youtube to access it.

  2. @HappyCabbie As far as the H.264 codec is concerned, that does generally work better with Mac related stuff, though I know it can work in Windows. That's a trial and error thing where if one doesn't work, try the other. The actual process I described of opening the XML file and filling out the stream information on the right works for either Mac or Windows.

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