Constructed on the Adobe Flash Media Server these long term capabilities are a various presentation of serving to composed material publishers continuously stream motion picture to far more cellular items. This preview of our future technological knowledge shows how publishers will stream from Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder by method of an Adobe Flash Media Server out to the Motorola Xoom tablet and Apple iPad tablet.

For far more details about the existing shipping variation of Adobe Flash Media Server have a look at


15 thoughts on “Preview: Apple streaming with Adobe Flash Media Server”

  1. Hello, I've been watching your tutorial and I have many doubts clarified about Adobe Flash Media Server.

    Nevertheless, even I have the question of how to build the link you put in the HTML tag "video src"

    Greetings and thanks for the great contribution of the video to people like me, do not know any code.


  2. Very exciting that Adobe has decided to support iDevices in the FMS product. Now how about letting integrators like me know when and in what FMS version to expect to see this feature? Pretty please?

  3. Is this update available for the server side yet? It would be nice if the dailyshow and colbertreport added this feature so iPhone/iPad users can natively watch flash videos.

  4. @RedStarr2121
    Ah… I see, I was previously serving (progressive downloads).

    The current version of FMS4 doesn't seem to be able to serve-up m3u8 and its associated LiveVideo fragments.

    Granted you mentioned "Sneak Peak", is this a feature available as an update to existing FMS4 servers? (I certainly hope so).

    It appears that the "closest competitor" already has this feature today.

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