In case your church is using YouTube to reside stream your worship knowledgeable companies or as a location to add the whole companies video in a while, you could maybe all far too frequent with copyright guarantees and/or adverts functioning throughout your video clip when you have got adverts turned off. Even if in case you have the suitable streaming licenses from CCLI, there are some issues to consider when utilizing YouTube this fashion on your church. As each a worship pastor AND a YouTuber, right here’s some recommendations I’d current.

This film covers:

1. Why YouTube proceed to offers you a copyright assert even if in case you have a stream CCLI license
2. What’s YouTube’s Materials ID and why do my entire help movies proceed to maintain discovering flagged
3. Methods to know if a selected tune will likely be flagged on YouTube for copyright explanations
4. Causes why Vimeo, Fb Dwell and Stream Monkey may very well be a lot better options
5. What college job I used to have again once more within the 90s )

Stream Monkey is an exceptional help for church buildings searching for a big high-quality choice for reside streaming to their web site or to Fb. Take a look at them out right here:


Web site:


26 thoughts on “Protecting away from YouTube copyright strikes when reside streaming your help”

  1. Hello Dave, thank you for the info. Due to COVID-19, my small church started live streaming with Facebook just recently and uploading the recorded services to YouTube . Although we haven't used any produced copyrighted songs yet, we're basically singing cover songs like most churches. We have received some copyright claims which you have explained and I understand. My question, can you recommend a good licensing company? Eventually we will want to start using produced copyrighted songs for our dance ministry. I know that Facebook will mute our audio and we'll receive harsher penalties from YouTube. From my understanding CCLI really doesn't protect you in that regard. Not sure about CCS. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I certainly appreciate your dedication to this topic. Needless to say, the whole COVID-19 issue, so many people have had questions around this very topic. Many people do not understand that CCLI even with the streaming package doesn't cover them for most music tracks that a church may use for a soloist simply would not be protected with that license.

    Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge and information to bring more clarity to this HOT topic.

  3. Hi. Our church is new to online streaming but ready to get started. You mentioned a stream hosting service. Now that it is 3 years later have your recommendations changed? We are a church with fewer than 100 members.

  4. Hello, I'm a dj and have a question. What about further consequences of using someone's song ex. Can the music label bring any criminal proceedings for a frequent use of their songs? Or the only consequence is that video is muted/or deleted by youtube or sometimes the channel is deleted? I heard some guy's story that he got sued for using artists songs in his YT sets but dunno if its true. Can someone help with that law case?

  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for this video. I've watched it twice through (and a couple other videos from other sources trying to figure this stuff out). For the past month I been posting our pre-recorded services and then claiming that I DO HAVE A LICENSE to show the cover songs that our small worship team performs because I do have a CCLI streaming license. I click through all the questions and select the boxes that say I have a license. I put CCLI info on screen during the song and also at the end credits because that is what my research had lead me to believe. But, from the videos I've watched, it sounds like I should claim my videos DO HAVE COPYRIGHTED content from the get-go and I DO NOT HAVE A PROPER LICENSE and then DO NOT proceed to dispute the content claims that come up. I should instead, just expect ads to appear on my videos after saying that my video has copyrighted content. Is that what I should expect even though I have CCLI Streaming? How do other churches (with videos with cover songs) have their videos on youtube without ads? I've looked on multiple youtube pages of larger churches and they do not have ads on their videos. We are not set up to stream, so are these larger churches bypassing the ad issues because they use a streaming service directly to YT ? (I upload Premieres since we don't have livestream equip). Lastly is there any way of knowing if an ad will pop up mid-video? Or, can I assure my pastor that we won't have mid-video ads because we are only gleaning a few hundred views? I know, lots of questions! I'm sorry I picked you to ask but you seem well-versed on the issue, responsive to your viewers, and have way more experience with YT than I. P.S. I have had a song muted and a dispute rejected and I've decided to use YT and Facebook premiere (instead of other options) so I can chat with watchers & create a sense of community (trying to justify my choice of using these avenues). Thanks! Again so sorry for the length of this!

  6. Thanks for the helpful video, we played and streamed 'because he lives' on Easter Sunday, a common song but was flagged for copyright claim although not a strike, we had our own pianist and singers, I am afraid the live stream will be stopped due to this some day on youtube…we bought CCLI streaming license, also purchased other songs through other channels. But we cannot tell youtube in advance that we have the license to prevent them to stop the stream in the middle of a service.

  7. I got a Copyright Claim for streaming Hatsune Miku Future Tones. I even tagged Sega in it because they made it. I even said it belonged to Sega. I still got a Copyright Strike.

  8. This is exactly what on my mind if I live stream our service what about the songs
    I believe You tube has to do something about this religious songs should be part
    Of fair use policy.

  9. Is it possible to do an updated video for the new studio? Like most churches, we are streaming just too keep together, and I don't see the same database in the new studio.

  10. Hello, I am the AV leader at my church, we just started stream on sundays in light of covid 19. We have a CCLI license and the additional Streaming CCLI license. How to I put that on youtube so they know I have one? Please I'm having no luck figuring it out

  11. We have a CCLI streaming license, but am I correct in thinking that I cannot use a video of Hillsongs performing a song, we have to perform the song ourselves if we want to stream it. Is that correct?

  12. It has nothing to do with YouTube being a "free service" – it is just the current limitations of the Content ID Claim technology in combination with a limited, and often times flawed, copyright system. YouTube is, by far, the leading, and best, platform, almost regardless what you wish to do. If we take paid competitors such as Vimeo, then you will find that they provide a much, much worse service.

    Host at Vimeo, and your videos will not reach a fraction of the audience they would reach on YT. I see few reason why you would want to limit your reach to your own church circle.

    I recently had to fix a problem at Vimeo, as they removed a feature we were still using. Considering it is a paid service, I find that completely unacceptable. Luckily, I am a web developer, so I can easily fix such issues.

    If you must go alternative routes, then I recommend self-hosting on AWS, Azure, or similar cloud hosting. Stay far away from Vimeo!

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