The Pentagon is drastically concerned within the federal authorities’s coronavirus response and the seek for a vaccine perception from Safety Secretary Mark Esper. #FoxNews

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31 thoughts on “Protection Secy Esper: The Nationwide Guard has been activated in 18 states”

  1. let this Virus work its way , we can stop it without closing entire societies !
    We have a serious health situation here in Norway !!we have state Of Emergency !! There is Partial Curfew .
    Our borders are closed . Denmark is totally closed for others than Danish citizens .
    This virus is a Chinese attack on USA . Look,when US economy was going better than ever , this happens ! Coincidence???? Don't think so ….

  2. If you ARE a Trump supporter, then you have down to Earth parents who've taught you right from wrong, to love not to hate, and to judge others not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Le.t his followers give you hope for a more peaceful and accepting society. Be grateful that you're on the right side of history and keep your children safe from liberal weirdos. Peace and love from your fellow American

  3. They need to shake ya'll a bit, so you obey better, while they maintain power and control over you, and continue to used you for Forever Wars, for the benefit of war profiteers, and the APARTHEID state of Israel. That's all this is about, control and exploitation of you, for the benefit of VERY few?

  4. One part Covid-19
    One part DumbOcrates
    Equals let's fund abortion for life proposals, open borders, free everything for all….Bernie, no personal rights to anything to protect God. Country and family!

    "Help thy neighbor"

  5. Iโ€™m really disappointed in Cuomo. Instead of using his assets heโ€™s begging for someone to do his responsibility. He can activate the New York State National Guard. Rather than โ€˜build hospitalsโ€™ he literally has dozens of skyscrapers that could be more rapidly transformed to triage and quarantine thousands of patients. Heโ€™s not showing calm leadership. Very sad.

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