ARK Survival Established – We are delighting in on the PVP Duration 6 Servers Live Streaming a few of the PVP amusing, we do some Raid Defense to a People with a Titan as completely as Raid a people!

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25 thoughts on “Raiding and Raid Defense Live Stream – ARK Survival Developed Live Stream Series PVP S6E2”

  1. Please stop with the "my dude" qxc played that out years ago and he's unwatchable to me because of it. Maybe I'm the only one or because I'm shell shocked from him. But it drives me crazy! Sorry otherwise I like the content.

  2. Ooo I watch some of this stream love your videos would you do an official season that would be fun but if you can’t I would be fine because I now offical is hard to build up on so good luck

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