* Introduction.
* Remote.
* Movement picture/Television show plugin.
* Skins.
*10 bit online video/x265720 p 1080 p playback.

Specto source url:http://filmkodi.com/repository
Kodi: Openelec 6..3:http://openelec.television
Yatse Remote:https://participate in.google.com/retailer/applications/particulars?id=org.leetzone.android.yatsewidgetfree

Have pleasurable!


24 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 3 KODI Streaming Tutorial/Set up”

  1. I've tried openelec and libreelec on Pi3. Both played movies just fine but bbc iplayer and live tv (also BBC) plays for a few seconds before the video stutters and the audio vanishes. Anyone here experienced this and managed to overcome it. I'm going to try OSMC next. Nice video BTW.

  2. To Install Specto Kodi:

    Open Kodi
    Select SYSTEM > File Manager
    Select Add Source
    Select None
    Type the following EXACTLY http://kodi.filmkodi.com and select Done
    Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source, type filmkodi & Select OK
    Go back to your Home Screen
    Select SYSTEM
    Select Add-Ons
    Select Install from zip file
    Select filmkodi
    Select repository.filmkodi.com
    Select repository.filmkodi.com-x.x.x.zip
    Wait for Add-on enabled notification
    Select Install from Repository or Get Add-Ons (on Helix)
    Select Filmkodi.com repository – MRKNOW
    Select Video Add-ons
    Select Specto – … Fork
    Select Install
    Wait for Add-on enabled notification
    Specto is now installed. As usual the add-on can be accessed via VIDEOS > Add-Ons > Specto from your home screen.

  3. Thanks for the video but I have a question, can I use a different audio source like pluging in my computer speakers instead of relying on the tv's speakers?

  4. Hi, I can't connect the raspberry with my smart tv. I already installed the things like you've said in your video but when I put in the HDMI cable nothing appears. I tried every HDMI channel.

  5. I'm checking out the Pi, no I haven't got one yet. I'm looking to create a media centre. The one thing I haven't been able to figure out yet is the Live TV part. First, does the Pi 3 input analog or digital tv? Second, is there an epg for the Pi? Three, how easy is it to setup for live tv, I haven't found any videos (yet) on this.

  6. Hey i need Help… When In install kodi on my pi3… it works fine to me..but if i restart kodi… i doesn't boot up anymore. Do u have a clue whats wrong.. its just happen when i install kodi alone.. but if i use noobs there are no issuses but its not the lates kodi i want to

  7. Bart, Nice Vid. I have the Pi 3 and 6.0.3 image, once loaded on the card (win32diskimager) all I get is a BIG COLoREd Icon middles of my screen. have you seen this?? Any Ideas on what could cause this?? Thank You

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