Arrange suggestions for turning a Raspberry Pi into an IPTV multicast server.

Tuner is AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Eco-friendly
There are 2 variations, however the superior only one makes use of firmware dvb-usb-it9135-02.fw The opposite only one takes benefit of dvb-usb-af9035-02.fw however that didn’t seem like to work as very nicely and obtained scorching. They look the very same on the surface the home however.
ID 07ca:3835 AVerMedia Techniques, Inc. AVerTV Volar Environmentally pleasant Hd (A835B)


43 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Multicast Television set server”

  1. This is not Windows. You don't need to reboot every time you change something, least of all installing device firmware. At least it boots quicker than Windows!

  2. Well now… I got 2 PI's sitting on my desk at work for months. You just gave me a use for them. The kids will shit when I set this up, thanks for posting this. 👍

  3. Hi I want to do that on my city. I am on Jalisco Mexico. Please can you give us a detailed instruction and necessary infrastructure to do it?… thanks in advance.

  4. Handy that you had that missing firmware lying around, don't ya think?… Meanwhile… 99% of viewers trying to follow along with you, call you a cunt, and leave to find someone who explains problems that arise, rather than just fucking them off without explanation.

  5. >>I do not watch TV! TV is just a pathetic thing.

    Lets say you're meeting a vegan airplane pilot who does Crossfit and doesn't watch TV. How do they decide which thing to tell you about first??

  6. dd if=/PATH_TO_IMG of=/dev/SDCARD_BLOCK_DEVICE Why do people still buy winimg when linux does it free and better? BTW, if you tell me that its because you use windows on your computer, just load up your favorite distro under virtual box and you can forward your USB devices directly into your distro.

  7. Thank you for this video. Can I ask – what do you use as an amp and what do you use for a splitter to all those Pi/Tuners you have? Does the 'blaster' pipe out the video 'on demand' or it always streaming on your network? How do you manage all those multicast groups – to make sure you don't reuse ones on different rPis? Is it just a case of having a unique port for each pi? Finally how much bandwidth do they take up when streaming? Is it – 'number Of Channels * 7 Mbps'? Thanks again, John.

  8. Hello budy, how are you? my name is Marcelo moro in Fortaleza Ceará here in Brazil I would like to know if you know someone who sells these streamings of the Brazilian channels, why I would like to give a differentiated service to my clients by placing here in my network the IPTV service with all channels of Brazil for them usufluir best of my internet .. kind to make a service differentiated to them … you can help me if you can you can send it in my email

  9. You must actually like TV if you're going to get defensive when posting a video about it.

    I don't even have cable but, I don't run around telling people they're losers for watching TV.

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