On this on-line video I’ll reveal you ways I method my vocals for stay streaming. I’m going to additionally current you ways I take advantage of reverb and crowd mics to make an enormous complete appear.

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19 thoughts on “Reside Streaming Audio – Vocal Processing”

  1. hi, can you recommend a good plug-in that allows me to manipulate the samples and turn them into another type a meow in a dinosaur in the jurassic fil have used this type of manipulation. Thank you in advance

  2. thank you so much ! can you share or sale the Reaper template you use for Live? and Please advise for Voxengo plugin. how do i use it on a 64bit Reaper? Thanks

  3. Do you multitrack all of your services and posedproduce them all? We´ve started to multitrack (32 Ch) but there is a lot of GB to store and to rework 😉

  4. I know that many FOH engineers use scenes for each song to help them set different reverb sends, compression values, etc. for different songs. Do you have a way to do this for mixing broadcast in a DAW? The only way I could think of would be having separate project files but this would cause a dropout every time you switched projects. Do you even see a need for this?

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