Rekordbox will not embrace any option to dwell stream your DJ established straight from the software program, indicating you’ll usually need to arrange an exterior audio card. However, DJ Holland has a fast and easy “hack” to get the audio out of your DJ controller streaming to all the world in very best high-quality devoid of the need want of costly appear taking part in playing cards!

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31 thoughts on “Reside Streaming Hack for Rekordbox DJ Shoppers!”

  1. HeyMate. at 2:25 i dont get the box to check to use audio from built in speakers – why do you think that could be? i dont have a DJM plugged in. i am 100s miles away from that, i can do this without yes?

  2. But how do we record the video ?? Thru laptop itself ? And what about our record box software ? How do we manage that if we are streaming fb or any other thru laptop ??

  3. escuse me I tried to do what you put in your video. Like you I have recordbox and I install black hole but when I go into obs and I want to add an audio capture it does not find any device which I don't understand. Can you help me ?

  4. Hello guys, do you know a workaround to do this with viynl? When the audio is coming from vinyl it does not work, the master out volume in recordbox moves as if it has the music and it can record it but it does not output it to my virtual cable nor speakers

  5. Hello… I have a Problem with the DDJ 1000 and OBS. Sound Quality is fine and everything works, but no Microfon Sound with Rekordbox and OBS. Anyone can help please??? THX

  6. This is such a waste of time here is how to do it very easily:

    1. Download OBS
    2. hook up your deck with usb to your computer
    3. set the microphone in the mic properties of obs as whatever your deck is called (it should come up in a drop down menu)
    4. Get the stream key of your platform and put it into OBS
    Will be making a video on this soon on a DJ channel of mine, will edit this comment with link to the video once uploaded.

  7. I am on a Mac and have set everything up the way as said however on the last step no audio is coming through to obs even though black hole has been selected as the audio input? Anyone have any ideas?

  8. get no sound from speakers when i put it on master+ cable input on windows dispite the thing being ticked at the top anyone know a fix?

  9. MAN !! YOU SAVED MY LIFE !! I was looking for EXACTLY this !! I've bought so many cables and I was going to buy an audio mixer for my DDJ 400.
    Thanks a million times <3 <3

  10. I have set up virtual cable on my Windows laptop and I am using the same laptop for recordbox. I'm using obs to go live and i think it is working but I wanted to record just with the recordbox audio and not hearing the clicks of the controller being pressed. Is it meant to do this or does this mean it isn't working??

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