By using a smartphone able to tethering or Wi-Fi router with a dwell stream appropriate digital digital camera, you may stream dwell content material on USTREAM (film sharing web-site). You may also ship messages that present your stream has started on SNS (Fb, Twitter, and so forth.). This on-line video factors out the best way to use the digicam after “Neighborhood Location Gadget” is established. Obtain and put within the “Neighborhood Atmosphere Gadget” to your Pc system from the next web web site.


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  1. I also own the AX-53 and I am disappointed by lack of connectivity with Windows/Mac. The mobile app seems to allow you to share the screen on iPhone, but why can't there be an app in Play Memories Home for Windows that allows to do the same thing, so you can stream the camera feed via wi-fi or usb? That would be so helpful! I tried registering for USTREAM and it doesn't let me login it – it constantly times out in the browser and overall seems quite buggy @Sony We beg you to update the software for windows as mentioned by @Scott Lutzke! Thank you!

  2. This just goes to show you how brain dead Sony suits are when it comes to providing quality products to their consumers. They would be making a lot of money if this was more open to other livestream hosting websites like YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer.

  3. Bought my AX53 because it streams…

    But it only streams to UStream? Why in the F*)( would I want to stream to UStream? Who uses UStream? At $99+/month now?

    Nobody, that who uses UStream.

    Update your consumer-level cameras to use consumer-level RTMS… Update your consumer-level cameras to WiFi to consumer owned laptops. It's now 2019… this should be a no-brainer.

  4. I have the problem that after I connect camera with PC and everything like going well, but after I click next to setting wi-fi Network Setting Tools disappear and nothing come up. I try to restart my computer, restart Network Setting Tools, disconnect and connect camera and click next, but the problem still occur. What should I do? I use windows 8.1 64bit, Is is the problem? Anyone please help me. 
    Ps. Sorry for my bad English skill too.

  5. Hi Dan. Went through this today. Did the update on the camera and Network Setting Tool reported '….no camera…'. I quit the Network Setting Tool software, disconnected the camera then started the Network Setting Tool software and then reconnected the camera; it worked for me.

  6. I have explicitly followed the instructions to upgrade the HDR-AS100V camera's firmware to v2.00, and have confirmed that the new "LIVE" option appears on the LCD.  I have also confirmed that the camera is connected via USB, and that "USB" appears on its LCD.  However, the Network Setting Tool keeps reporting that "at present, no camera that supports live streaming is connected".  Please help.

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