Conflict Robots Gameplay with the Spec Ops Falcon at Mk2 – WR Entertaining Gameplay with the Falcon model that requires a bit further means however can outplay enemies superior.

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40 thoughts on “Return of the SPEC OPS FALCON! Conflict Robots Mk2 Pleasant Gameplay WR”

  1. Sorry everyone. Not my usual happy self in this video. Not sure what it is. Maybe just a bad day.
    When I want to test and show something specific and I cant because of how infested FFA is with Ao Juns sometimes… Argh ^^

  2. マッドブラック企業のピクソニックよ。寄って集ってユーザーを弱いもの苛めですか?レビューも証拠隠滅ですか。今どきこんな会社があるんやね。責任持ってユーザーに金を返せ!!全てお前らの指示に従わん者は、辞めさせるようにするんですから。

  3. PLEASE READ MANNI. the app zoom it looks like FaceTime but it’s blue it has a blue camera when you go live you can show us the ID So that we can talk to you if you get the app you will understand what I am trying to say because I have the app to

  4. You should try the Multi-Role Falcon, with long range fangs (Tempest, Calamity, Tridents, etc) and short range center mount (Avenger, Glacier, etc). This setup makes a decent starter position bot because you can get early damage and then smash in resistance mode when you get close behind your faster teammates… (Hint: Splash weapons really help the Falcon increase it's damage output because it is a little slow)

  5. Awesome , lucky player #4
    I'm a mid level player but when a guy stomps me I always look to see if its Manny. Never is… I would love to chase u will all my nerfed shotguns, hahaha

  6. it happends alot where my shots aren;t being registerd as hits and some of my kills even when i;m the only one that was shooting the other bot. I thought someone was just stealing some of my kills so i started really watching. they're just not getting counted.

  7. 3:56 Manni's in "Rage Mode"

    I remember the last time I saw Manni rage in one of those videos that he was on Springfield where he dashes into one of buildings perfectly but one of his dash was not perfect and he raged with his chair!
    Also I cant find that video 🙁

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