The way to Convert Your Cell phone right into a Streaming Media Participant
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On this softModder tutorial, I will be displaying you learn how to convert your previous Galaxy S3, or different Android smartphone, right into a streaming media participant for movement photos, new music, and photos.

All you’ll need is the AllCast software, together with AllCast Receiver. Final however not least, you possibly can need the premium unlock important, accessible for $5 by the use of AllCast High quality.

For additional particulars and down load inbound hyperlinks, take a look at the whole tutorial over on Samsung Galaxy S3 softModder using the hyperlink above.


9 thoughts on “Rework Your Outdated Android Product right into a Streaming Media Participant [How-To]”

  1. I did something like this but a lot simpler. I took a small TracFone android phone and loaded a small streaming app called online radio and then I loaded in a bunch of stations using the app's export feature on my phone then I transfer this file to the small phone and import it then all my stations are on the small phone. Then just hook it to my stereo. I need to find a small amp because the audio out on the tracfone is weak.

  2. Hi, this is similar what I am looking for.
    I have a Samsung S6 Smartphone and a Samsung 55 SmartTV. When I am playing youtube or netflix on the smartphone I got the icon of the screen to play it in the TV. The TV is logged to the same network and ofering this service. Is there a way to enable the phone as another device where to play the video ? Thanks.

  3. This is only useful if you have an old tv. If you have a smart tv you can get something like Bubbleupnp (totally free) to stream direct from your phone to tv or computer. Very nice to watch media from a Nas drive to tv controlled with your phone as a remote.

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