This motion picture shows RTSP streaming, using VLC Media Gamer.

RTSP is a demand and get system for streaming. which indicates, server streams, clients sign up with to the server and get the stream at the delighting in positioning it is at when the client links.

Other strategy is UDP streaming anywhere the server presses the media to an IP address, (CAN BE MULTICAST IP) and from there the buyer can “hear” for the stream and enjoy it. Pro for this method is that the customer can set to delight in then simply linger for the stream to get here, con is that the customer requirements to “focus” (go through, NAT) to be all set to see the stream.


26 thoughts on “RTSP Streaming using VLC”

  1. so i could give the rtsp link to some one in another state, or location, they plug it into the open network stream in vlc and they can stream what i am streaming?

  2. Hi GunnarAztek, I hope you can help me.. I have a IP camera which supports UDP and RSTP protocols, what I want to do it's to stream its video to my website without any pluggin, just flash player, would this is possible?

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