SHOUTCAST Television set server STREAMING radio dnas film server ROCKNTV1 rock television rockntv nullsorft rock+ television server STREAMING media SHOUTCASTTV microsoft w2k expert on p2 @400/ 512 ram working shoutcast dnas 9 slots NSV @ 287 kbps aac audio, and my web server.
taking a look at with winamp on overclocked p4 [email protected]/ 1gig ram encoding movie.Out to the magnificent nsv casters. I almost lost this tape however found it the other day. shot with samsung camcorder feb2005


5 thoughts on “shoutcast streaming server: ROCKNTV1”

  1. That my friend is a good question. I start by sizing my vids in my editing program, making them all the same so i can pre-encode my show . But the procedure is a bit different for live streaming.I am going to enable comments at my shoutcastserver page so that i may make the comments longer than here at yt. look in the desrciption for the link to my shoutcast server blog.

  2. hi capnuendo,
    you need several things in place to stream nsv video. First you need the server dns setup running, and listening for a SOURCE connection. Also you need to have your videos pre encoded or enough pc speed to encode on the fly,and stream to the dns to be output to your viewers. It is actualy quite complicated, and at this point you need some network knowledge of routers to do port forwarding. I have another site ,in the description area that i am building to explain
    [email protected]

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