This can be a on the rear of the scene video of my newest dwell streaming profession with Mastercard. Uncover how one can arrange each little factor and have a thriving dwell stream with backup

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28 thoughts on “Skilled 4K 360° dwell streaming with Insta360 Professional and Yi 360 VR”

  1. Hey Hugh, quick question. I have updated my Insta360 Pro to the latest beta firmware and now it will not recognize an external SSD drive. I had previously recorded to my Samsung 840EVO without any issues and not it does not even see it. The same drive that still has footage from the previous firmware. Have you had the same problem?

  2. Hi, can you help me in few things I need clarification.. how to use external mic with insta360 pro, which is best option in h2n and h4n and will they connect to camera and record a video and LIVE STREAM? Thank you..

  3. So, you have the router powered from the lobby power, then connected the instapro to the router using connection A method where your laptop was already waiting to take control? Do I have that correct?

  4. Hi ! hugh, can suggest me a tripod for insta 360 pro and also memory card or portable hard dive ? does quality differs based on transferring speed ? and professional pipeline for shooting with insta 360 pro from shoot to output ? (Both Photo and videos) Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi mate, thanks for your time and work you share with us. How much bandwidth you use in this case? The Insta360 is connected via ethernet or wireless? Your laptop made the stiching process and encode to Youtube? Cheers from Spain

  6. Hugh, Love ur videos!! I just got the Insta360 Pro. I have done lots of live streaming for sport but never in 360. I use vMix Pro for streaming software. What do you use? Also u can set the H4N to record mono input on both channels so there is no need for splitter. I have only recorded on H4N and not used it as a mini mixer. Keep the videos coming!!

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