This video reveals a step by stage tutorial on how you can create a streaming IP digital camera with the Raspberry Pi. This lesson will clearly present you how you can stream on-line video out of your Raspberry PI to a Web site browser. You possibly can uncover the directions and code used on this lesson at our Web site web-site beneath: camera/


23 thoughts on “Small Price Streaming IP Digital digital camera with Raspberry Pi”

  1. People who are having problems with the second command should install php7.0 with this command: sudo apt-get install php7.0
    After that just use the command from step 2 but change php5 to php7.0
    This is how I got it to work. I hope this method will work for you too!

  2. Will you be able to access the stream from a PC not connected to the Pi's network or host network? So could I post the stream on my website and allow people to view it from there?

  3. I have a server, so my query: can it be done with the raspberry pi zero w that from anywhere that takes 15 sec videos every 40 minutes and at the end of each video is automatically sent to a web x?

    or do I need a 4g antenna or buy from my ip cell phone or internet to the raspberruy so that I can run that from anywhere?

    With what battery? To make it totally portable?

    It is for a later interactive web project

  4. I have problem in step 21 ,
    after running command in putty i.e
    raspivid -t -0 -w 1080 -h 720 -awb auto -fps 30 -rot 90 -b 1200000 -o – |ffmpeg -loglevel quiet -i – -vcodec copy -an -f flv -metadata streamName=myStream tcp://

    1.Raspberry pi just flashes light for 3 sec and then camera is off.
    2.In the webpage ,
    we are unable to connect to the network,we apologize for the inconvenience.

  5. E: Package 'php5-common' has no installation candidate

    E: Package 'php5-cgi' has no installation candidate

    E: Package 'php5' has no installation candidate

    these r the errors that i am getting in the second step

  6. Hi guys I want to connect an Axis ip camera to a network switch and stream it through raspberry pi by connecting it to same network switch. I want to take a video out from the raspberry pi analog out connector. Please give instructions to do this

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